Online Gambling Sites in Paraguay - December 2023

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Gambling in Paraguay

Today, players in Paraguay can enjoy gambling at casinos and bingo halls, with the national lottery, and with the state-run sports betting system called Bet Book. Outside of these, gambling is not allowed. There are just three casinos in the country today. There were many more gambling venues in Paraguay a few years ago, but they were all unlicensed. The government cracked down on illegal gambling in 2005, and has shut down many casinos and gambling halls. All gambling in Paraguay is administered by the National Committee of Games of Chance, and no gambling can be offered in Paraguay without their consent.

Online Gambling in Paraguay

Online gambling in Paraguay is neither legal nor illegal. The government has recently tried to put online gambling into the same category as offshore banking which, to cut down on money laundering, is illegal. The definitions are not clear, however, and the law is proving hard to enforce. The main issue is that offshore gambling websites are located outside of the Paraguayan government's jurisdiction. In the end, there are still many gambling websites around the world where players from Paraguay can place real-money wagers on everything from casino games to poker tournaments to sports events. Most of these sites will be in English only, but that is a small price to pay for the convenience of internet gambling in Paraguay.