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Gambling in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has come a long way since the civil war that ravaged the country from 1991 to 2002. It is still a developing country, but things are constantly improving. Gambling laws here are fairly relaxed, albeit slightly unregulated. Most forms of gambling are legal, and casino licenses are issued by the Tourist Board of Sierra Leone, though supervision of the casinos is virtually non-existent.

Charles S. Kamara, the Managing Director of the Sierra Leone State Lottery, has called for the establishment of a national regulatory board to control all gambling activities, but as of June 2016, this has not been created.

There is only one legal gambling provider in the country, called Mercury International, which focuses on sports betting.


Online Gambling in Sierra Leone
Internet gambling in Sierra Leone is still unregulated and has not gained much popularity. The country has a very low internet penetration at only 2.1%, and 70% of the population makes only $1 per day.

There are no restrictions to gamble online in Sierra Leone, however, and a number of websites accept players from this African country.