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Review About Interwetten

Interwetten Sportsbook is one of the long-lasting dynasties within the online gambling industry.

The good Outstanding eSports betting markets, great filters for bet finder, Mobile app
The bad Country restrictions
Bottom line Interwetten Sportsbook is one of the most popular online betting sites in the world - and not without merit!

GamingZion Editor's Rating

  • Games5.0
  • Bonuses5.0
  • Banking4.0
  • Support4.0
  • Presentation4.5

Review about Interwetten

Interwetten Sportsbook is owned by Interwetten Gaming Ltd. Their main portfolio is of course online sports betting, however Interwetten also provides online casino gambling services. Their expertise and experience have helped them becoming one of the most famous actors in the online sports betting industry.

Available betting markets

From the least, to the most well-known sports, you can place your bets on basically any sports that ever existed. From football to American Football, From Sailing to Chess, but you can even wager on Alpine Skiing, Australian Rules Football and Floorball. In addition, there are many other sports to bet on. The lack of political betting odds and horse racing markets can be kind of disturbing for some. However, if you are not looking for odds specifically on such events, then you will find your game at Interwetten.

About Interwetten special bets

Even though the fact that Interwetten is an online sports betting destination, you can bet on other events. For example, you can wager on the annual Oscar gala if you believe you know which movie was the best of the year. In addition, you can bet on tv shows and series as well. For example, if you can spot a talented dancer who happens to be a celebrity, you should not miss out on the Dancing Star odds. You will easily find your favourite series and th shows to bet on at Interwetten!

Country restrictions

Interwetten aims to be accessible worldwide. That is why they applied for the gambling license at the Malta Gaming Authority, which is one of the most prestigious ones. However, world-wide presence is not yet possible due to gambling laws in certain countries. These countries include the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America. You can check the full list below in our Restricted Countries section.

About Interwetten Welcome Bonus

New players at Interwetten Sportsbook who are about to join a betting site are up for a treat if they pick the right bookie. The betting site offers €100 for all new players. This way, with a deposit of €100, you will get to start wagering €200 immediately. However, you can divide your welcome bonus into several deposits. It’s also an available option. It’s all up to you. Sign up for an account and start playing with your €100 which you can get instantly!

Interwetten Mobile

Are you constantly on your way from here to there and back? You don’t have enough time to relax and play at home? Don’t worry. Just download the Interwetten Mobile app and bet whenever, wherever. The app has all the important features. You can easily check your transactions, your balance, your bonuses, and check the available betting markets. Try live betting from the mobile app, it’s a whole new betting experience.

Interwetten Specifications

Interwetten Banking

Interwetten Bonuses

Interwetten FAQ

You find all available pay out and deposit options in your betting account together with detailed instructions on how they work.
Interwetten uses the latest technology to ensure absolute safety when transmitting data. You can find all payment methods accepted by the site in GamingZion's review about Interwetten Sportsbook. You find further details (possible charges, duration etc.) regarding payments in payment methods while being logged in. Data protection and security have a high priority at Interwetten! Sensitive data is only transmitted SSL-encrypted. The entire system is protected by a high security firewall, which meets the standard of banks. Information entrusted to us is treated with absolute confidentiality. Your details will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties.
Officially supported browsers: - Internet Explorer version 7 and higher - Firefox version 3 and higher - Safari from version 3.1 - Interwetten cannot guarantee correct display and functionality for any other browser.
Various bonus terms and conditions can be found with the bonus offer or if you click on the bonus bar in your betting account. You can also check GamingZion's promotion and bonus sections and get familiar with the best online gambling bonuses and promotions!
Interwetten works with the latest security standards for transactions (SSL) based on the model of online banking. Therefore, your data is encrypted during transmission and protected against unauthorized access. Your account is handled with the strictest confidentiality and total discretion. We consider it as a matter of course not to pass on your data to third parties. Interwetten uses the most current encryption technology common for telebanking. In doing so the SSL 3.0 Standard is applied which transmits data entered on our website with an encryption key. You recognize a website protected in this way by its web address starting with https:// instead of http://. In addition, a yellow lock is displayed in Internet Explorer where you can also check the validity of the security certificate. Please note that you are responsible for your access data, which is your username and password. Your password should be changed periodically at least once a month.
1. Interwetten Gaming Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Interwetten") offers sportsbetting, and Interwetten International Ltd. offers casino, live casino, and virtual sports for „real" money use. Interwetten Gaming Ltd and Interwetten International Ltd are collectively referred to as "Interwetten” in these General Terms and Conditions. Players (hereinafter referred to as a neutral term and applicable to both sexes) who wish to make use of any Interwetten product, enter into a contract with each of Interwetten Gaming Ltd and Interwetten International Ltd for the respective services offered by them by opening an account and accepting the validity and applicability of these General Terms and Conditions, the relevant product rules (sportsbook, as well as casinolive casinovirtual sports), the Privacy Policy as well as the applicable terms for promotions, special offers and bonuses, as amended from time to time (“Terms”). Therefore, whenever a player strikes a bet or takes part in any game, he accepts the validity and applicability of these Terms, including the relevant product rules, our Privacy Policy and applicable bonus conditions. 2. Please note that Interwetten may need to change these Terms, or any of them from time to time and that for regulatory and commercial reasons it reserves the right to do so. In such an eventuality, any changes to these Terms will be notified to players before they start to apply, and players will be made aware of the date on which the changed Terms will start to apply. If a player who has been notified of a change in Terms continues to play with Interwetten after the changed Terms start to apply, he shall be deemed to have accepted those new Terms. If any major changes to the Terms are proposed by Interwetten which would have an adverse effect on players, Interwetten shall request players to accept the changes before they can continue to play. Interwetten reserves the right to suspend the provision of its services to or to close an account of a player who does not accept changes of these Terms which may be notified to him in accordance with the foregoing. 3. Upon placing his bet and/or participating in a game, the player confirms that he has reached the age of 18 or such older age as he must have reached under the laws governing betting/gambling that are applicable to him. Irrespective of national regulations concerning the legal age, Interwetten does not accept any players under the age of 18. Interwetten reserves the right to verify any player's statement of age and to exclude players from its services, if there are any doubts regarding the attainment of the minimum age required. Any player using Interwetten’s services, who is found to be underage, shall have all his winnings forfeited and his account with Interwetten (hereinafter referred to as "Interwetten Account") shall be blocked immediately. Any deposits made by that player shall be refunded to a bank account named by the player and which the player can prove is his. 4. Interwetten screens players in order to, amongst other things, determine whether or not they are Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP”) or subject to any International Sanctions. These checks are carried out using state of the art systems with access to worldwide data on PEPs. Interwetten reserves the right to block or close PEP player accounts if it deems it necessary to comply with its player acceptance and risk policies. 5. Employees and their immediate families are prohibited from participating in Interwetten betting offers, promotions, special offers or bonuses. 6. By accepting these Terms, the player confirms that his interest in bets and/or casino games is of a personal nature and that he is using the Interwetten site purely for personal entertainment. Interwetten may block or close accounts of persons found to be using Interwetten’s site for any commercial or business purpose. 7. Interwetten does not warrant the constant availability and functionality of all or any products offered. Interwetten may not be held liable and will be held harmless by the player for any damages, losses, costs, loss of profits or any other disadvantage a player may incur in connection with any disconnection from or the non-availability of any of the products offered by Interwetten for whatever reason. 8. All indicated dates and times are based on Central European Time (GMT+1) unless stipulated otherwise. 9. These Terms are posted on the internet in various languages reflecting the same principles. In the event of any conflicting foreign-language versions of these Terms, the English version shall prevail, or where a player does not speak English, the version used by that player to register an Interwetten Account. The same principle applies for the relevant product rules, the Privacy Policy and applicable bonus conditions. 10. These Terms shall be governed by the Laws of Malta. The parties agree that any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese courts.
Online gaming is nowadays a socially accepted form of entertainment. Playing for money is exciting and entertaining but it also carries risks. Therefore, Interwetten takes preventing gambling addiction and its responsibility in this area very seriously. It goes without saying that every serious and reputable provider has to offer sufficient information about the potential risks of gambling. Prevention is based on information. Only well informed players are able to recognize a gambling problem in its early stages. Interwetten also offers proactive tools to check the gaming behavior of every customer und to prevent the negative consequences of excessive gaming. This includes for example deposit and bet limits (loss limits) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, temporary or permanent self-exclusion as well as the right to limit the gaming time for casino games. Last but not least responsible providers have to ensure that sufficient help and support is at hand if a customer has a gaming problem or is at risk of developing it. Useful hints We recommend to observe the following rules of conduct while you use our website to stay in control: • Play responsibly and never forget that gambling is entertainment and not a way to make money. • Gambling is a matter of chance and there is no formula or trick that will guarantee you winnings. • Ensure that you are aware and that you understand the rules of the games that you are playing. • Only play if you are able to pay attenttion and have sufficient breaks just like with any other online activity. • Don't play if you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances or medication that alters your perception. • Don't play if you feel low or depressed. • Set yourself a gaming budget and keep an overview of your expenses and/or set yourself personal deposit and betting limits per day, week or month. • Only play with money that you intend to spend on entertainment. Never bet money that was initially intended for another purpose. • Never borrow money for gambling. • Stick with your limits even if you lose. Self-testing If you are worried that you or a member of your family or a friend has developed a gambling problem you might want to apply this self-test to gain clarity: 1. Have you ever had an argument because of your gambling behavior with a close person for example a member of your family? 2. Do you always spend your entire budget? 3. Has the gambling ever caused you to lie to a person close to you? 4. Are you thinking about gambling even if you should focus on something else? 5. If you lose do you feel the urge to replace the losses by gambling again? 6. Do you neglect your work, your education or your family because of gambling? 7. Do you feel the urge to constantly increase your bets to keep up the fun of gambling? 8. Did you ever get into debts to gamble? 9. Have you ever thought about illegally obtaining money for gambling? 10. Have you ever felt guilty because of your gambling? Or has it ever caused anxiety? 11. Has your gambling behavior ever caused health problems? 12. Have you ever thought that you have a problem with gambling? Youth protection Our products and our marketing activities are not designed to address children or young people. The 18+ warnings are visibly displayed on our homepage. We don't accept registrations of customers younger than 18 years. Interwetten carries out identity checks and checks the dates of births of all customers to ensure compliance with youth protection legislation. We are aware that the internet is an easily accessible platform in many households around the world. Therefore, providers and parents have to cooperate effectively to protect children and young people from the risks of gambling. To ensure the safety of our children we recommend to install filter software that prevents access to certain websites for minors. Further hints for parents: • Don't leave your children unattended with your computer while you are using our website. • Make use of user-friendly monitoring applications such as • Protect your gambling programs with a secret password. • Make sure that children and young people have no access to your Interwetten username, password and deposit details. • Don't allow minors to participate in gambling activities. • Explain the legality of gambling to your children and make them aware of the risks for minors that gambling carries. • Unfortunately, even the best system cannot fully prevent fraud and identity theft. If you are aware of any cases where our products are used in a fraudulent manner please contact our customer service via e-mail: [email protected]. Self-restriction: Interwetten offers a broad range of measures for customers who would like to control their gambling behavior, for example deposit and betting limits (loss limits) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, temporary or permanent self-exclusion as well as limiting of gaming time for casino games. Furthermore, Interwetten offers an automatic reality check that reminds customers every hour of all activities in any licensed casino. This is another security measure that shows customers the duration of a game played as well as all winnings and losses of the last hour. The reality check window also provides the opportunity to end a session or continue to play if so desired by the customer Deposit – a deposit limit can be set per month, week or day. Deposit limits can be set by you in account settings. The deposit limit is the most efficient way to control your total expenditure. Please contact our customer service if you would also like to set up a betting limit. Please note that all limits will be actived and calculated as soon as you have confirmed your self-restriction. Any self-restriction confirmed by you can be canceled seven days in the current time period at the earliest once we have received your request. Any request for a higher self-restriction will be activated immediately, that is as soon as the change of the limit has been saved. You can check all current limits for your account in your account statement in "Limit". Time periods are defined as follows: Daily = current day 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 Weekly = Monday 00:00:00 to Sunday 23:59:59 Monthly = 01.XX 00:00:00 to 31.XX 23:59:59 (instead of the 31st the relevant current last day of the month is valid depending on the month) If you have set a weekly limit of 200.00 on Wednesday, this limit runs out on the following Sunday and not the following Tuesday. Any setting that has been made before the setting of the limit in the current period will not be considered. This means for example: you have deposited 300 Euros in September and set a monthly deposit limit of 300 Euros on the 17th September. With that you can deposit another 300 Euros until the end of the month. Any deposit made has no effect on the limit selected for a time period. Settings made by you for a self-restriction or for a lower limit come into effect immediately. Settings carried out by you for a higher self-restriction or for a cancelation of the self-restriction come into effect at the end of 7 calendar days. Self-exclusion: Temporary – If you opt for a temporary self-exclusion you exclude yourself from all gaming activities for a fixed period determined by you (e.g. a day, a week, or a month). Your account is blocked for this time period. As soon as the block is expired your account is automatically available for you again. Permanent – If you opt for permanent self-exclusion your account will be blocked until further notice and possible credits will be paid out. In both cases you can at any time apply for re-activation of your account. A re-activation is subject to a "cooling off" period of 7 days. Your application for re-activation is subject to internal checks and evaluations with regard to your gaming behavior and can potentially be refused. Self-excluded customers will of course not receive any advertising from us. Contact and support: Interwetten offers its customers contact details of external consultation services to receive professional support for prevention and treatment of gambling problems. If you think that you are losing control of your gaming behavior or you have the impression that a family member or a friend has gambling problems please contact the following independent and charitable organizations for help and support in different languages: Unfortunately, even the best system cannot fully prevent fraud and identity theft. If you are aware of any cases where our products are used in a fraudulent manner please contact our customer service via e-mail: [email protected].

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