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2018-2019 English Premier League is only few days in, yet people already feel the tension with top-flight clubs battling it out to save face and win points. What do you think about the highlight fixture Arsenal vs Chelsea in the second round, would you bet on Chelsea to outplay Arsenal at home turf? ... read more

Mohamed Salah was the biggest star of the previous season in English football. Having fully recovered from the shoulder injury caused by Ramos’s tackle, he is all set to help Liverpool collect trophies in the 2018/2019 season. The bookies suggest he may pull it off: Salah’s Premier League odds to match his goal records from the previous term are very favorable. ... read more

The march of modern technology is ever forward and nowhere is this more obvious than the inroads Esports are making into territory once staked out by people who enjoy sweating in public, however just like their more traditional counterparts these new computer-based competitions can easily fall prey to the criminal element and, fueled by illegal esports gambling interests, match fixing is already evident, but does that mean you shouldn’t hit up sites like Unibet to wager on the games? ... read more

Taking a summer break from repeatedly driving around corners quickly the F1 circus has taken to its second favorite pastime instead, rumor mongering. But as gossip flies hither and yon as to what the rest of the season, and indeed those seasons yet to come, will bring there’s one story that has left them all for dead and thrown the odds on next year at sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, into the spotlight early and posing the question; Is Daniel Ricciardo out of his tiny mind? ... read more