Best Valorant Agents In 2024 – Best Picks And Online Betting Guide


Posted: April 22, 2024

Updated: April 22, 2024

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It’s time for us to give you our list of the best Valorant agents in 2024! We have selected 6 agents who are going to carry the whole game for you. Furthermore, this article is going to provide you with valuable information on both meta, strategy, general explanation for beginners, and most importantly, betting information for the competitive esports betting scene, with a platform recommendation!

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Today we are going to give you our monthly report on the best Valorant Agents in 2024! Considering the new agents, we must say, the stage hasn’t changed as much as we wanted. However, if you are interested in wagering on some of the greatest Valorant esports games, then please register at some of the online sportsbook sites in the USIn this article, we are going to review the top 6 agents you can pick on both competitive and esports tournament games to increase your winning chances.

Don’t pick the bad champions, leave that for the losers! Make sure to always bet with responsibility, and create a safe budget for your games. Keep in mind that no matter how well you understand the game, betting will always remain a gambling activity.

Raze – Best Valorant Agents In 2024

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite duelist! Raze is an explosive agent, whose advantage comes from many different aspects. The bomb gives you extreme mobility and dueling skills. Your trap bombs can make for a mean control advantage. And the grenade itself? Let’s not even talk about how many free kills you can secure just by understanding and reading the map.

The cherry on top is the ultimate ability, which will allow you to wipe their entire team with one good shot, or force a dueling situation that is not beneficial for your enemy at all. According to The Spike, Raze is the best duelist. And of course, the duelist is the carry role. Register at VAVE Sportsbook to bet on Valorant! When you are looking for an okay alternative for Raze and Jett, we recommend you to pick Chamber as a honorary mention in this article. While he can not surpass Jett and Raze, it is a great alternative, especially for beginners to understand the game.

2024 april-may Valorant meta


Jett is by far one of the best picks you can take in pretty much any map. The duelist who can glide without being heard, double jump, and most importantly: Dash and smoke. Your dashes are going to give you a great advantage in both duel and scouting. While your smoke will give you and your team a strategic advantage.

Jett is the manifestation of a true Valorant agent, being the first character to be designed in the game. It will likely stay among the best Valorant agents in 2024 for the rest of the year. Whoever has Jett in their team, is likely increasing their winning odds. And this is among the best Valorant betting tips. We would say that Jett and Razer are pretty much equals.

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Skye – Best Valorant Agents In 2024

This is not going to be an unpopular take at all! According to Reddit, Skye is the absolute best agent. And I kind of agree. She has a great scouting ability with her hounds without having to sacrifice anything. Flash which she can control much easier than controlling Phoenix for example. Also, healing, and the type of healing that is continuous. If this is not enough, her ultimate is going to carry the whole game.

The petals discover the enemy agents and their location. No matter if they are destroyed, at least we have an idea where they are. This can come extremely handy in roughly all and every situation, no matter which map we are playing on. Skye is not a duelist, but if you are not a duelist? Well, Sky is the absolute best champion for sure.

best Valorant strategies in 2024


We still state that Yoru is among the worst agents. However, Omen is still among the best Valorant agents in 2024. To explain the key differences, it is about smoke. Teleporting as Yoru can be tricky for beginners, but professionals are all easily filtering out the duplicates. The ultimate can be countered by literally standing in front of a wall, so Yoru can not manifest behind you. While Omen can teleport anywhere and block map information.

Omen can also teleport in short distances, offering him places other Agents might not be able to reach. Playing against Omen requires an awareness of the Agent, which adds a layer of complexity to the enemy’s strategy. Yorui is among the worst picks for competitive Valorant because his flash can be extremely frustrating for your team.

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Sova – Best Valorant Agents In 2024

Oh Sova, everyone’s favorite agent with probably the most hated voice lines. According to Blixthe reason why Sova is so good is because he can detect the enemy team’s location nearly anywhere. Can you name one map where his E is perfectly useless? His ultimate ability is not the best in my opinion, but the detection alone gives you the perfect advantage to the game.

Especially if you understand how to show it in a non-linear way. Sova is also great with the drone, as the drone can easily check a spot without us having to peek or make an entry to an area. Spotting an enemy will mark them, giving us an advantage.

Viper guide 2024 betting


Moving on to the final agent in our list of the best Valorant agents in 2024, this one is truly for some of the best Valorant players of all time. Viper is a strategic character, and knowing when it is the best moment to activate her ultimate, is a key to carrying most of the games. Just think about the intense amount of damage boost you offer for your team.

Your smokes are outstanding in controlling the field. Wherever you step, it will turn into your team’s playground. In conclusion, Viper is the best controller. If you wish to bet on upcoming Valorant esports tournaments, please register at VAVE Sportsbook!

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