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Superheroes have been popular for a long time now so it’s no surprise that slot makers also use them as a theme for their games. We can find slots featuring Superman, Iron Man, and all the other Avengers. So if you are a huge fan of these characters, check out our list of the best superhero-themed slots. 

Pack your bags now, because we are going to the South of Europe to give you a tour of the best land-based casinos in Portugal. During this time, you will learn about both the classic casinos in Portugal and the best Portuguese casinos today.

Do you want to learn how to play roulette? You're in the best place! In our article, we'll try to tell you the best tips for beginner roulette players. So if you are interested keep on reading.

Online casinos constantly come up with new ideas for leisure gamblers. One of the top recent ideas is the multiplayer slot game. It comes in thousands and with various themes. What is more, it lets you play and win in a team with your friends. We bring you here the best multiplayer slot games for 2022 that you should definitely try out.

Artificial intelligence makes casinos even more invincible. They raised the saying, the house always wins, to a whole new level! We have collected the recent trends about robots and programs that casinos have been developing for years. Check out our article about how casinos use artificial intelligence these days!

Card counting is a touchy subject. It’s not exactly illegal, but if casinos pick up on it, they might ban you, but it does not mean you can’t learn it. Imagine how smart you would feel after mastering card counting! In a friendly game with friends and family, they will look at you as if you were a genius! In this article, we will show you how to practice card counting and become a genius!

If you’re new to online gambling, visiting an online site can be overwhelming first. There are so many games to choose from. Like easier online slots and more complex roulette games. We collected some of the best tips to learn online gambling games to make the whole process easier. So you can enjoy the world of online gambling and use your skills to win some money. 

What are the chances that a player will win on a given day or for a longer period of time? The data released these days shows the odds of gambling and their reality. Casinos won’t tell you the truth because although they collect an enormous amount of data about their customers for marketing purposes, including how much they win or lose, this type of information is strictly kept a secret. However, a newspaper has provided answers to these questions, thanks to a database that records the behavior and the winning percentage of professional and hobby gamblers for a couple of years.

Macau casino operators have lost a third of their market cap, about $ 18 billion, following rumors that Chinese government officials will control companies at the world's largest gambling center due to a government decision. Also, another gambling tycoon was arrested in Macao, China, two months after Chinese authorities imposed restriction measures on an industry that brings in billions of dollars a year. Is Macau gambling in trouble?

Determining a gambler’s wealth is not easy. Many fans seem to have an interest in those who play well at various gambling games. Some players have won famous events and a lot of money to build their gambling careers over the years. Others have achieved success in other areas of life. Check out the richest gamblers in the world!