Rightfully Illegal Gambling Activities Stopped at Mexican Border

Written by John M. on 2010-05-02 at 15:28
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Since the early 1900’s, Mexican gambling law has gone through a slow but steady process of liberalization. Since opening up to the benefits of the gambling industry, the nation has managed to profit through massive surges of revenue which are supplied mostly by tourists. 

In 1935, the reformist president Lazaro Cardenas came in to power, made it part of his agenda and successfully did away with almost all of the gambling industry. A small amount of black market operations managed to survive, but was constantly under pressure.  

The contemporary gambling laws were once again restricted in 1946 and almost killed off the industry entirely. Realizing that it was missing out on great opportunities, the government came to its senses a few years ago and opened the floodgates, once again legalizing gambling. 

Since then over 30 major casinos have been erected and put into operation. On top of these brick-and-mortar facilities, the government also decided to open its doors to internet gambling in Mexico

Online casinos in Mexico have been licensed since 2002, and have done very well since then. Despite this turn in legislation and the flourishing of an industry that is at this point considered to be almost necessary. There are, however, rather unsavory gambling practices which still take place in Mexico, yet should be outlawed. 

This is explicitly the case with cock-fighting. This inhumane practice has remained popular despite the harsh laws that were in place earlier in the century. Recently, a group of U.S. authorities followed footprints to find twenty cocks stored in separate cages and obviously for use in fights.  

The animals were placed in quarantine, and their fate is undetermined. Regardless, the torturous practice of cock-fighting, which is often carried out until one of the birds dies, needs to be eliminated. One of the reasons that it hasn’t yet been controlled is because it’s often carried out in rural areas, secluded from the eyes of those who may care. If you’re going to gamble in Mexico, do it right! 

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