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Is Online Gambling Legal in Austria?

Yes, all forms of online gambling are legal in Austria.

Online Casinos in Austria: ✅ Legal
Online Poker in Austria: ✅ Legal
Online Sports Betting in Austria: ✅ Legal
Online Bingo in Austria: ✅ Legal
Online Fantasy Sports in Austria: ✅ Legal
Online Lotto in Austria: ✅ Legal

Gambling in Austria

All forms of gambling in Austria are legal and subject to the Law on Games of Chance (Glücksspielgesetz-GSpG), commonly called Austrian Gambling Act, as well as the provision of the E-commerce Law (E-
commerce Gesetz), in all their varieties. Sections 1 and 3 of the Austrian Gambling Act contain precise definitions of the forms of games of chance that are regulated with the act which include casino games, table games, slot machines, lotto, bingo etc. These sections also contain precise
definitions of the legal forms of online gambling, which practically cover all electronic variants of the already enlisted games of chance played on online casino sites in Austria, as well as games played on Austrian online bingo sites and Austrian online lotto sites.

The bodies responsible for regulation of the gambling activities in the country are divided on federal and state level depending on the types of gambling games that are concerned. In compliance with the Austrian gambling law licenses for providing lotteries and casino games
can be obtained by the Federal Minister of Finance which also supervises these sectors. On the other side, licenses for provincial games with slot machines as well as betting can be obtained by the provincial governments which are at the same time the regulatory authorities in these sectors.
Minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in gambling activities.

Online Gambling in Austria

Online gambling in Austria has a rich history. Some of Europe's biggest and most profitable internet gambling companies have their roots in Austria, even though their "official" headquarters are in classic offshore locations like the Channel Islands or the Caribbean. An example of such a company is bWin, which is an Austrian corporation with licenses in many places around the globe. The parent company of bwin has even been registered in the Vienna stock exchange since 2000.
Austria also gives licenses for companies within Austria to run online gambling sites, but there is a restriction in place that says the sites can only accept Austrian players. This reflects an attempt by the Austrian government to control internet gambling in their country. The government does not block online gambling sites from other countries either, so players in Austria are free to gamble at international sites if they wish.