In 2025 Poland will elect its 8th president for the next five years. Current president Andrzej Duda became the second-time Poland president in the last election, in 2020. His opponent was very successful politician Rafał Trzaskowski from the Civic Platform party and he lost the election with 49% votes which were 3% less than Andrzej Duda. Could he become the next president of Poland? What is your opinion on Poland Presidential election 2025 betting odds?  ... read more

You are a bookworm and get excited to get money from betting? So, this article for you which will introduce the best sports betting books for sports lovers. It is a super time for using the opportunity of this period and getting aware of the books which increase your chance to win. ... read more

After a year’s cancellation, the football fans will be delighted with the next UEFA European Championship in June-July 2021. Differ from previous championships this time the matches will be in twelve cities, not one or two. Are you ready to celebrate the 60th birthday of the UEFA Championship? Which team do you support in Belgium vs Russia betting odds for UEFA? ... read more