Which One is The Biggest Casino Scam in History?


Posted: April 28, 2021

Updated: April 28, 2021

  • Edge sorting: Scam or as Phil Ivey called it advantage play?
  • Why are Brothers considered the most refined casino scammers?
  • Are you aware of the biggest casino scams in history?

Are you among the gamblers who prefer to play honestly? Maybe yes, maybe not. People’s playing styles are different as their character and preferences. Through the years, gamblers use various tricks for being the winner. Of course, sooner or later it comes out and they get caught. However, some of them worked and became part of history. Let’s look at the biggest casino scams in history which are very exciting to get informed.  

Is it just contact lenses?

After surfing on the internet related to famous scams you can find a number of scandals, tricks, and scams. One of these is about special contact lenses which  players used for cheating the casinos. In one of the cases, four poker players earn $120,000 from a casino in Cannes by using infrared contact lenses. One of the players said that these special contact lenses were designed to see things that you normally wouldn’t be able to see.

So, a band of four gamblers who one of them was Italian and three Frenchmen draw symbols on cards according to their values. One of the group members put on special contact lenses which make the ink visible while they played. At first everything was great; they could earn a huge amount of money while the managers took time to find out these techniques. Actually, after arrest, the 56-year-old Ampollini said that he gave other pairs to friends. Yes, this means someone can use these special lenses wherever and anywhere. Actually, today  there is no need to use contact lenses for being a winner just click 1xBet Casino and safe and sound betting and earn money. Yes, it sounds great.

Replaced roulettes, colored chips and switching from low value table to high value table

The other scam was related to roulette replace which happened in the casinos of Ohio in 2012. What happened there? Thus, a gang of swindlers ran the scam by switching chips across different tables as they played. So, one of the group members played a low stakes game, and discreetly pocket colored chips from the low value table. What did they do with these colored chips? Yes, they took these pocketed chips to a higher value table, where they switched into the game by another player.

the biggest casino scams in history
Be on the lookout!

Actually, they were very successful in cheating and getting huge amounts of money by using this method in multiple casinos across the US. Some of them were arrested but some many of them still remain on the run. Yes, so unbelievable cheating methods that we cannot read without being surprised. Actually, these are just a few of the cases in the biggest casino scams in history. However, you don’t need any fraud or cheating to earn money from online casinos like 1xBet Casino.

Monique Laurent and her French Cigarette Pack Scandal

Who was Monique Laurent and how she could cheat the Deauville Casino in France out of $1 million in less than a week? Monique Laurent successfully used her brother’s knowledge with radio receivers. They discovered how they can control roulette. Thus, who was holding a radio transmitter could choose with 90% accuracy which six numbers the ball would possibly land on. Realizing this, it was Monique’s idea to hide the transmitter in a pack of cigarettes, as no one would become suspicious of her carrying them around. She hid the transmitter in a pack of cigarettes. As she thought, no one suspected anything.

As a result, the group of three could earn $1 million in a week. At the beginning everything was great, their plan worked but later casino security became suspicious. Were casino officials stupid or Monique’s was so perfect? As said, nothing lasts forever. With more attention and accuracy, the casino owner could find out the pack of cigarettes with the receiver. Maybe you want to know, there is a film called The Cheaters that based on Monique and her team of casino cheats. Actually, an enormous scandal that demands a sharp mind for that year. Can this kind of situation happen nowadays which can be the biggest casino scams in history?

Edge sorting and Phil Ivey

What kind of technique is Edge sorting and how gangsters used this? So, edge sorting is a method of predicting cards that a capable gambler can successfully use and earn money. Put it in this way, it is the practice of keeping track of the tiny and minor imperfections on the back of face-down playing cards. This method works because some cards did not cut symmetrically. So, professional poker player Phil Ivey who is the world’s most famous edge sorter used this method very successfully. Actually, he didn’t accept this as a scam. Yes, he called it advantage play. First time, professional players won about $11 million in the Crockfords Casino in London during a high stakes game of Punto Banco in 2012. So, he was accused of cheating and using edge sorting.

Second time, in 2014, he again won a huge amount, $9.6 million at a baccarat table at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. Both of the cases the casino refused to pay the amount. The reality is it would be better to avoid using this method, at least if you are eager to earn a huge amount of money. Have you ever used these kinds of tricky methods or you prefer online betting with one of the sites presented in online sportsbook sites in the UK?

Roselli Brothers: The most refined casino scammers

How did they achieve to steal such a huge amount of money and didn’t get caught? With the help of a mercenary computer hacker. The gangster brothers hacked bank data and acquired the names of people with perfect credit scores. So, using these data they opened credit accounts at a number of casinos between 1995 and 2000.

the biggest casino scams in history
Those are some crazy scams

As planned, they got a $50.000 credit for each account. Actually, not just this credit. They later could double this money every single weekend for five years changing casinos and cities every time. Mostly, brothers played baccarat and craps and they usually lost. In this situation, the casinos didn’t see a problem in giving them even more credit. In 2000, they won millions in Las Vegas with single bets as large as $100.000. What happened later, did anyone figure out this scam? Of course, yes, but it was later.

They found out everything, after the Rosellis cash out the account and disappeared. Even this was not their real names and real Rosellies died several years earlier. Actually, the successful cheaters real identity never discovered. What is known from this story successful scam, stolen identity and destroyed credit ratings. Yes, as seen this is one of the biggest casino scams in history which ended very successfully. Actually, if you need more info about Casino Scam Stories and more tricks here is the article. Why not to enjoy with being more informed and successful?

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