How Recommended Bets Work at Online Betting Sites


Posted: April 28, 2021

Updated: April 28, 2021

  • What are recommended bets at online sports betting sites?
  • In this guide, we will explain everything about recommended bets

Recommended bets are something you can often meet at online sportsbooks. What are they? How to find them if you are new at a betting site? To learn how recommended bets work, read our guide.

Recently, we have listed all types of bets that exist at sportsbook sites. However, recommended bets do not belong to any type listed above. They form a special category of bets that may include moneylines, outrights, accumulators, and other bet types. So, what are recommended bets and how do they work?

What is a bet recommendation?

First of all, let’s define the term “recommended bet” (bet recommendations). As it is clear from its name, recommended bets are bets that are offered to punters by online sportsbooks in Spain. Once a bettor enters a betting site, he can see whether he has bets that are recommended for him or not. Usually, this feature is available for users who are signed up for a sportsbook. Guests can’t see recommended bets.

Not all betting sites have an option of bet recommendations. You can find it at Intertops, 1xBet, 888sports, but only if you have an active account at any of these sportsbook sites. If you do, let’s see how recommended bets work and how they emerge in general.

how recommended bets work
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This is how recommended bets work at betting sites

There are three ways of how a sportsbook form recommended bets: 

  1. Depending on your interests
  2. Depending on your previous successful bets
  3. The ones that are trending at the moment

Recommended bets that show up depending on punters’ interests are easy to understand. For instance, if you often bet on the English Premier League, the sportsbook will offer you bets on other football leagues or tournaments. 

If your betting history is much more diverse and is not limited by football/tennis/politics or any other topic, online gambling sites in Spain will offer you to bet on events you’ve previously won at. For instance, you bet on the Eurovision winner two years ago and won money at 888sports. The same sportsbook can recommend you to bet on the ESC 2021 again.

Finally, there are bets that are trending at the moment. Understanding how recommended bets work in this case is easy. A sportsbook has to promote a certain bet and it offers every punter to place a wager on it. It’s up to you whether to use an extra opportunity to earn cash at recommended bets or not as this sportsbook’s function is optional.

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