All Types of Bets That Exist Explained


Posted: April 21, 2021

Updated: April 21, 2021

  • There are more than ten types of bets at online sportsbooks
  • In this guide, we will explained 7 most popular bets to the full

Sports betting includes various types of bets every punter has to know about. Nowadays, the biggest online sportsbooks count more than a dozen of bet variations. Here are all types of bets that exist in 2021.

Online betting is very popular these days. Every year, the industry welcomes more and more punters who want to make money on betting on sports, entertainment, politics, etc. If you are also a newcomer, one of the first things you need to learn is various types of bets. In this guide, we are going to list all types of bets that exist and explain their peculiarities.

What are bets and betting?

First of all, every beginner punter has to know everything about betting. It is defined as an activity of predicting the results of any event and placing stakes (bets) on them. On this basis, a bet can be defined as the money risked in any kind of betting. 

There are various types of bets at online gambling sites in France. While betting on any event, you can see from one to eight-nine bets available for punters. Let’s learn about the difference between the most popular bet types.

All types of bets that exist at online betting sites

Although there are many bet types existing as of 2021, not all of them are available at the biggest sportsbooks in the world. Therefore, we have listed the seven most popular types of bets you can meet at FortuneJack and other top sites. Here they are:

  • Moneyline bets
  • Point Spread/Handicap
  • Over/Under
  • Futures 
  • Prop bets
  • Accumulators
  • IFs and Reverses

As you can see, there are various bets you can use to wager money on this or that event. In our article, we will explain each type of bet to the full. 

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets, also known as a win or straight bets, are the most common and popular among punters. Understanding them is easy: in fact, you simply wager money on one side to win. For example, it will be one team to win the match in football or basketball, one candidate to win a presidential race, or one film to win an Oscar. 

Although Moneyline betting seems easy, there is one important thing to memorize. Depending on the betting site, there will be different types of odds you have to learn to read. On this basis, you will understand who is better to wager on – a favorite or an underdog. Our article will help you to read online betting odds like a pro.


Another popular type of bet you can meet at sportsbooks is Over/Under. Sometimes, you can hear about it as Totals, but most sportsbooks in the world still call it by its first name. It is mostly used in wagering on sports events.

Over/Under is often used alongside Meoneylines. In this type of betting, punters have to predict whether one side will win at a certain number of points that are scored in the game. Usually, sportsbooks issue a specified total for each game or match. All you have to do is bet on your favorite team to win with more or fewer points than indicated.

all types of bets that exist
Feeling lucky?

Point Spread/Handicap

Point Spread is a very common thing among US punters. In other countries, it is known as Handicap. All in all, both types of bets have a similar structure and rules, so we specify them as one unit on the list of all types of bets that exist.

Betting on Handicap is quite simple. Before placing a wager on any sports event at FortuneJack Sportsbook, wait until the sportsbook reveals its favorite. Then, they will set a certain amount of points the winning team is supposed to gain. Your task is to evaluate whether the sportsbook has over or understated the number of points and bet on it. That’s it!


Understanding Futures is simple as ABC. As it is clear from its name, this type of bet is connected to the future events that are likely to happen. In other words, this is wagering on something that can happen in the long run. Usually, sportsbook sites place Futures on tournaments, leagues, and championships. Also, this is a popular bet type among punters who bet on entertainment and politics. 


Accumulators belong to a bit more advanced form of betting. They are not in high demand among beginners, but pro punters use them to make bigger money. 

While using accumulators, punters bet on several outcomes within one bet. In other words, to win one wager, you have to be accurate for more than 3 different outcomes. This is quite risky and complicated but the winnings are worth it.

Parlay bets are also popular among bettors and are similar to accumulators, so you can read everything about parlays at our website.

IFs and Reverses

Here comes another type of bet that is difficult to understand. Like accumulators, IFs and Reverses are bets with multiple selections. Beginners do not often use them but they belong to the most popular bets at sportsbooks in 2021. Therefore, we will talk about them in our guide.

all types of bets that exist
Let’s race!

IFs include two or more wagers that belong to the same event. The initial pick must win, otherwise, all other picks are automatically considered wrong. 

Reverses are combinations of two IF picks into one. For the first wager, punters place an IF wager on the first and then the second selection. Then, there will be another IF bet in place for the 2nd selection followed by the first one. 

Prop bets

When speaking about all types of bets that exist at online sportsbooks in France, it is difficult not to mention Props. They are probably the easiest and funniest bets you can make at betting sites. What is also good about Prop bets is that you don’t have to be a professional to wager on them. 

So, what are Props? Basically, this is a special bet that can be about anything related to the match/game/event you wager on. For instance, in a football match, it can be about the player to score first or the total number of red cards received during the game. This is an easy way to earn money, so punters often use Props, also known as Specials.

You can discover more about FortuneJack Sportsbook here.

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