2020 Casino Scam Stories: Watch Out For New Tricks!

  • Scammers usually earn money on gullible and inexperienced gamblers.
  • In our article, we will look at the latest 2020 casino scam stories.
2020 casino scam stories

Scammers, who earn money on gullible and inexperienced gamblers, do not get tired of inventing new schemes. Their scams look more and more enticing and more sophisticated. Some of them may seem to the inexperienced seeker of easy money to be win-win options. However, in reality, they are only a means of emptying one’s pockets. In our article, we will look at the latest 2020 casino scam stories.

There is a recent widespread offer to gamble with other people’s money in online casinos. The scammers persuade that you will receive part of the winnings while making no deposits yourself. Such an offer is sent by email, distributed on social networks, launched as vacancies on job search services, and so on. Usually, they create simple websites to promote such scams which they praise in every way.

2020 casino scam scheme: What does it look like?

Usually, you receive an offer to play in an online casino with the money of the “employer”, without risking a penny of your funds. Afterward, you go to a special site that usually has the following features:

  • Empty enticing phrases: “Live to the fullest”, “Why deny yourself something,” “Easy money” and so on.
  • Stories of success: “I made a ton of money playing a couple of hours a day.”
  • Fake comments: “Well done, author”, “Wow, it works.”.
  • Fake warnings: “Don’t get carried away”, “Don’t be fooled by the casino administration”, “Leave as soon as you win such and such an amount.”
  • The description of the scheme where everything will be maximally simple, understandable, and convincing. Such a step-by-step instruction for beginners.
  • List of establishments where the creators of the scheme recommend to gamble.
  • Video: Scammers often attach a video instruction that makes a stronger impression on inexperienced users.
  • Additional explanations: In particular, scammers almost always explain why they do not play themselves. The arguments may be different: tired of the game, not enough time, they want to help others, and so on.

Besides, scammers can place on their website other information designed to lure potential victims of the fraudster. In any case, the emphasis will be on the fact that you do not risk anything. The game, they say, goes for our money, and you enjoy and part of the profit. However, not everything is as good as it sounds. Read about these 2020 casino scam stories and play only in reliable online gambling sites in the USA to stay safe and sound!

2020 casino scam stories
How can you recognize a scam

How does it work?

Suppose you have decided to try your luck by playing in a casino for the money that an outsider will give you. They will ask you to register at one of these institutions, where they will put some amount on your account (for example, several hundred dollars). Besides, it is possible that first, you will have to undergo some kind of fake training. Most likely, they will teach you to play roulette according to Martingale or describe some other simple system.

Then you start playing and, believe us, fortune will be on your side. This should convince you that the system is working. However, of course, you will not receive money. Either the portal will block your account, or it turns out that you have violated the terms of the contract. So why play with someone else’s money? In general, it turns out that this cooperation does not bring real profit to you. 

“It doesn’t matter!” – many will think. The money was not yours, but the experience remained. Now you can try to put it into practice but at your own expense. Then the beginner makes the deposit and tries to act according to the established scheme. Only now, the wheel of fortune is too capricious, and luck magically disappears. Sounds like one more of the 2020 casino scam stories. Don’t you want to experience it yourself? Then play at reliable online casinos in the USA like Bovada Casino.

What is the point of this 2020 casino scam story?

The owners of such fake casinos lure inexperienced players. In reality, the creation and running of a script gambling site are affordable for almost anyone. You don’t even need a lot of money for this. An experienced user who is well acquainted with the world of online gambling easily distinguishes a trustworthy establishment from a fake casino. Of course, it is more difficult for inexperienced people to get this because such scam websites often look quite impressive and sometimes successfully imitate well-known portals.

2020 casino scam stories
How do you imagine a scammer?

Imagine that a scammer has a dozen of similar sites, and one will lure dozens or hundreds of clients to each of them. They have no chance to win a priori. Therefore, each deposit is guaranteed to go into the pocket of a scammer. We think it is now clear to you why such schemes are arranged and how 2020 casino scam stories appeared. 

So what to do with such tempting offers? The answer is obvious: nothing! No need to even go to such a website. Read our article about Scam or Generosity: Free Casino Bonuses Today to learn more information on the topic. And if you want to gamble in the online casino sites in the USA, choose institutions according to our reviews and ratings. The Bovada Casino is a safe platform where you can make real money. Check it out to make sure!

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