Scam or Generosity: Free Casino Bonuses Today


Posted: March 30, 2020

Updated: March 30, 2020

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Almost every casino nowadays offer free bonuses in different forms: welcome packages, free spins, cashback and loyalty programs. However, what is the profit of granting a deposit-free bonus? Let’s take a look at free casino bonuses today.

Are free bonuses real?

A lot of people treat promotions with suspicion when it comes to free bonuses. And there is the reason for that – the Internet is full of scammers. However, only newcomers are concerned over such a generosity – casino enthusiasts monitor all the available deposit-free promotions. 

Where is the profit?

Here comes the question: are deposit-free bonuses profitable for the casinos? And of course, the answer is yes. First and foremost, free bonuses generate profit over the long term. Free bonuses are similar to a monthly trial period – potential customers try a casino site for free and decide if they like it. Then, a new customer may decide to continue playing and deposit their own money. 

Another reason which justifies free bonuses is that they help casinos to monitor customers’ behavior. Casino sites use this data to update their services and make the site as convenient as possible. Moreover, personalization on this level helps to create a more user-friendly environment. 

Additionally, even after a new player spent their welcome bonuses and free spins, online casinos still offer regular promotions. Various loyalty programs are designed to support and reward regular customers. Besides, some of the sites have referential programs, were a user can refer their friend and get more bonuses or even real cash.

Free Casino Bonuses Today
It’s a real challenge to totally understand the trending marketing strategies in the gambling industry

The history of bonuses and promotions

Let’s take a look back to understand why casinos offer free bonuses today. Back in the 70s, slot machines were the primary source of income for casinos. They became extremely popular after the legalization of gambling in Atlantic City. The only downside of slots was the fact that it wasn’t possible to analyze customers’ behavior and track their purchases. Unlike table games, where it’s relatively easy to count customers’ spendings, casino workers had to manually open every slot machine in order to count profit.  

In the period between 1980 and 1990, casinos started to use slot machine tracking systems, which allowed them to estimate the average profit of each machine. Although this feature became the major innovation in the casino industry, it still didn’t assess the behavior of an individual customer. As a result, casinos started to use bonus cards, which allowed regular customers to earn bonuses and exchange them for prizes. But as time passed, physical prizes were replaced with bonus points, which basically are grandsires of modern bonuses. 

Free casino bonuses today

Nowadays, free bonuses upon the sign-up became so common that it’s not possible to imagine that some online gambling sites in the US don’t use it. It is a great tool for both customer attraction and data monitoring. Therefore, there is no point for casino sites to trick their potential customers. First-timers are often afraid of the sign-up free play, but if you monitor the best online casino sites in the US and avoid potential scammers, you can hit a jackpot without even depositing your own money. 

A great example of generous welcome packages is the Free Spin Casino, which grants free $25 using the SPIN25 promo code. You can spend this bonus on any game of your choice, so don’t hesitate to use the link below. Finally, check out this article about the best casinos that payout USD and find even more information about current promotions.

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