Largest Lotto Winners Recently: Who Became Rich in 2020?

  • There were many lotto winners in these three months
  • You can hit the jackpot too even when being stuck at home
largest lotto winners recently

The temporary quarantine doesn’t stop some people from becoming millionaires. We are going to tell you about the largest lotto winners recently, who hit their jackpots in recent months. So, how many people were lucky to win in 2020?

Thus most land-based lotteries have temporarily stopped working due to the pandemic, online lotto sites in Italy keep on delivering new winners daily. There were a lot of lucky men, who managed to blossom out while the worldwide economy was fading. How did they do it? Let’s read their stories! Here is the list of the richest lotto winners of 2020, which can be filled up with your name too.

Ireland and New Zealand have the newest lotto winners

The most recent lotto winner was found in Rochestown, Cork, Ireland. An anonymous customer bought the €1 million winning ticket in Murphy Centra, which was confirmed by the National Lottery. Despite the lucky person’s name is unknown, the store owner commented on the situation. Terry Murphy said that in light of recent events, it was good to hear that someone hit the jackpot. He wished all the best for one of the largest lotto winners recently as well.

The €1 million Daily Million winning combination was revealed on March 25. The numbers were 05, 18, 30, 35, 36, 38 with the bonus number being 08.

Another lotto winner came on March 25 too, but this time from New Zealand. The winning ticket sold in Northland brought its owner over $7000 in a Lotto Draw. However, New Zealand is not under such a strict quarantine as Europe, so it’s safer to go out and buy paper tickets there. If you’re stuck at home in Italy, for instance, you better try online lotto sites available in this country or any other location.


largest lotto winners recently
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A small island delivers a $1 million winner

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the countries & cities selling the winning tickets. It is possible to win in a lottery even if you live on a small island. It is proven by one of the largest lotto winners recently, who bought the lucky ticket in Cape Breton, Canada. The life-changing decision brought its owner $1 million! The lucky person will receive his guaranteed prize as soon as he/she contacts the Atlantic Lottery Corp. to collect it.

The biggest 2020 lottery winner came from Quebec

A 22-years old Quebec citizen hit the biggest jackpot of the year so far. A grocery store employee Gregory Mathieu won $70 million (!) after purchasing a ticket from a lottery at his workplace in February. The young man who works as a bagger showed to the Loto‑Québec head office with the winning ticket, which brought him the largest jackpot the lottery has ever delivered. We don’t know whether Mathieu saved his job or quit it, but he would definitely have a better time under the quarantine than before.

Being among the largest lotto winners recently has its drawbacks

Being a lottery winner is always good, however, you can face certain challenges once you hit the jackpot. So did the lucky winner from South Africa, who earned R7.4m after buying the Ithuba ticket this March. The winner will have to wait to claim his money as the world pandemic led to the lockdown of the head office of the national lottery. This is not a serious disadvantage of winning the lottery these days, however, it is not great too. For example, if the winner experiences health problems and needs money urgently, he will not get it soon. This is sad, so we recommend you to choose online lotto sites during the quarantine as they give you money within a few days. We have a detailed guide on how and where to play lotto during the quarantine period, feel free to check it.

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