Online Gambling Sites in Cambodia - June 2024

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Gambling Laws in Cambodia

Gambling in Cambodia is illegal under the Law on Suppression of Gambling from 1996 and its amendments, in all its diversity. This law contains precise definitions of the forms of gambling that are prohibited in the country such as casino games, card games, betting etc. including all forms of online gambling in Cambodia. However, the prohibition for land-based and online gambling applies only to the citizens of Cambodia. For the citizens of Cambodia it is only allowed to participate in the state-run lotto games, which are exempted from the definition of gambling. Foreigners are free to access any of the dozens of casinos spread across the country or some of the available online gambling platforms. The body responsible for regulation of the gambling activities in the country is the Ministry of Economy and Finance. According to Cambodian gambling laws, minors, under 18 years of age, are prohibited to participate in the state run lotto activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Cambodia?

Online gambling in Cambodia is not legal for Cambodian citizens, with exception of the state-run lotto games. Foreigners in Cambodia are allowed to use the accessible online gambling sites.

Online Casinos in Cambodia

There are around 80 licensed land-based casino operators in Cambodia, as of July 2018, most of which are located on the borders of the country, mainly within hotels, and targeting exclusively tourists. However, none of the casinos, licensed in the country, has launched as online casino in Cambodia, due to the prohibition for gambling for Cambodian Citizens. Foreign internet casino sites are actively being blocked by the gambling authorities in the country.

Online Poker in Cambodia

Poker in Cambodia is regularly on the offer of most of the border casinos in Cambodia, the Lucky Ruby being one of the most famous for their poker tables. Concerning online poker, there are no specific Cambodian online poker laws, but the general regulations apply and online poker is considered to be illegal in Cambodia. Consequently, due to the prohibition for gambling for Cambodian citizens, there are no licensed online poker sites in Cambodia, as of July 2018,. Foreign online poker sites are actively being blocked by the gambling authorities in the country.

Online lottery in Cambodia

Khmer Moha Somnang is the state licensed company for all sorts of lotto games in the country. The most popular game that they offer on the Cambodian market is the traditional 5D Lotto. However, as of July 2018, they have not yet launched an online lottery in Cambodia. Foreign online lotto sites are actively being blocked from accessing players in the country.

Online bingo in Cambodia

There are no specific Cambodian online bingo laws. Therefore, general regulations regarding online gambling apply and online bingo is considered to be illegal in the country. Due to the general prohibition on gambling for Cambodian citizens, there are no specialized, licensed, sites for online bingo in Cambodia. Bingo rooms, licensed elsewhere, are blocked from accessing Cambodian citizens.

Online sports betting in Cambodia

Online sportsbook sites in Cambodia are illegal. Due to the general prohibition of gambling in the country for Cambodian citizens, sports betting is also prohibited in any form, online as well as land-based. However, beside this prohibition, it is regularly reported by the authorities on illegal betting activities on cock fighting as well as football and kick box matches. Foreign internet sportsbook sites, are blocked from accessing the Cambodian market.

Online daily fantasy sports in Cambodia

Online DFS sites in Cambodia do not have a legally regulated status. Considering the illegality of online sports betting in the country it is very improbable that internet Daily Fantasy Sports would soon receive a legal status in Cambodia.