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Gambling in Cambodia

Gambling is traditionally popular among Cambodians. It was completely prohibited during the Khmer Rouge dictatorship during the 1970s, when all forms of money were banned.
Legal casinos returned to Cambodia in the 1990s. It currently has roughly 25 land-based casinos, most of which are located in border towns and cater mostly to Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese gamblers. It is reported that roughly 3,000 Vietnamese enter Cambodia each day to gamble, as the activity is prohibited in Vietnam.

In 1996 a law was passed making gambling illegal for Cambodian citizens, and casinos formally have a "no locals" policy. However, these laws are weakly enforced and citizens can generally gamble freely without interference.

In recent years developers have invested in new casino projects in the country, betting that it has the potential to be a sizable destination for gamblers.

Online Gambling in Cambodia

While the law with regards to online gambling is not very clear, it appears to be illegal for Cambodians to use online gambling sites. There are no licensed sites operating in the country.

According to reports police have aggressively shut down some unlicensed online operations, and some individuals caught accessing foreign-operated providers have been arrested.