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Halloween is a modern holiday loved and celebrated by many. It came to us from the ancient Celts living in Ireland and Scotland. Nowadays, the whole world celebrates this unusual holiday every year on October 31, namely on the eve of All Saints Day. In this article, we will show you that celebrating Halloween in online casinos can also be fun. Let’s get it started!

Online casinos in European countries are often restricted or heavily regulated by law. Nevertheless, more and more governments are beginning to see online gambling as a source of income that will help fill the country's budget. In Berlin, at the meeting of the federal states of Germany, they approved changes to the legislative act regulating gambling activities within the country. The German government plans to make online gambling legal from July 1st next year. Until that time, regulations will be developed and special bodies created that will monitor and regulate online casinos in the country. In this article, we will talk about the new gambling regulations in Germany.

Nowadays, the gambling business in the Netherlands is legal and available to all adult citizens. 14 land-based gambling houses are operating in the country. The laws of the Netherlands have recently allowed online casinos to operate. Besides, since 2017, foreign operators have received the opportunity to license in the country. In this article, we will discuss online gambling regulations in the Netherlands. Let’s get started!

Everyone likes to spin some slots from time to time because it is pure fun and thrill! But let us admit this: these games tend to become a little bit unanimous after a time. So, developers are trying to find ways to make this ever-exciting, one of their ways is to make fun themes. And this is how we get pig-themed slot machines – see the TOP5 here!

If a year ago most of the gambling market was localized in North America and Europe, today gambling in Japan is considered one of the most promising areas of activity. Asia has become a completely new foothold, which has practically no points of contact with the classic entertainment characteristic of Western states. Operators who have mastered the Asian market are rather secretive: there are no training conferences, reference books, and more or less effective methods of attracting an audience in the online sphere. At the same time, the government apparatus of Japan began active work on the development and regulation of the gambling industry. In this article, let’s figure out how to gamble legally in Japan. 

For many, even for those who are very far from astrology and reading horoscopes, the phrase "Mercury retrograde" has become a kind of curse. Some, as soon as they hear these two words, internally shrink in anticipation of something very bad. Indeed, people with a good sense of humor "write off" all the troubles on this phenomenon. The car broke down, the boss yelled, or lost in a lottery - well, it's the Mercury retrograde to blame! But is it true? Let’s find out how Mercury retrograde influences gambling.