Golden Raspberry Award 2020 Odds: Bet on the Worst Movies


Posted: June 20, 2019

Updated: June 20, 2019

  • The Razzie parody award honors terrible film making skills
  • The decision will be tough one this year for some pretty forced productions

Have you ever watched movies so bad they were already good? If so, those are the perfect movies to receive the Razzie Award, the opposite of the Oscar. Let’s take a look at the Golden Raspberry Award 2020 Odds for the recent embarrassing cinematic performances. you can already bet on your favorite – or in this case least favorite one on 22BET Sportsbook.  

Worst cinematic experiences awarded since 1980

The parody award honors terrible filmmaking skills, bad acting, horrible writing, loose direction and storyline, and unlikable characters. The ceremony is typically held one day before the Academy Awards and gives away a little golden statuette of a strawberry.

Most winners do not attend the ceremony to collect their awards. However, there was some exception when Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock or Tom Green actually appeared on the stage to take the statuette. The experience is just awesome when someone takes the award as it is and even prepares a mock speech.

Many argue if the award is an honor or curse

A shortlist of these bad films are decided upon by some 650 paid-up Razzie members in 19 countries. The award has 10 different categories, in the worst:

  • picture
  • director
  • actor
  • actress
  • supporting actor
  • supporting actress
  • screenplay
  • prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel
  • screen combo
  • The Razzie Redeemer Award

John Wilson whimsically created the award in 1980, and it became an annual celebration since then. Well, winning a Razzie definitely boosts curiosity, as it actually makes people want to watch the winner movie to see how bad it is. The Razzie usually make people aware of films they wouldn’t have gone to watch at the theaters.

Golden Raspberry Award 2020 Odds

The 40th edition of the award will commemorate some of the worst movies of the current year. Honestly, the decision will be a tough one this year, as we have witnessed some pretty annoying and forced movie productions. What is spicing things up, is that actors like Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, and Anne Hatheway might get awarded this year.

Movies to win the Razzie 2020 – make a bet at 22Bet Sportsbook Odds
The Hustle 5.95
Hellboy 7.50
Replicas 7.50
X-Men: Dark Phoenix 9.00
Men in Black: International 17.00
After 26.00
What Men Want 26.00
Pet Semetary 34.00
Detective Pikachu 51.00

Detective Pikachu has a good chance to win the Razzie

Intended to be sweet and cute, Detective Pikachu is a Pokemon who talks, has no memories and is addicted to caffeine. The movie might attract those who grew up playing Pokemon battles, as well as those who are really into Japanese kanji design.

However, the Pokémons have hyper-realistic live-action appearances in this film. Despite looking pretty nice, it may actually scare some kids. Also, the storyline is bad, the film is somewhat disappointing.

Altogether the movie is a bit creepy and spooky. Even though it is supposed to be a family film, the movie can be frightening for younger viewers.

Pet Sematary would totally deserve the Raspberry statuette

Based on a bestselling Stephen King book, the movie adaptation could have actually turn out to be a blockbuster. Well, it didn’t. At its premiere, the movie received mixed reviews from the critics, who actually praised the dark tone, atmosphere, and performances.

On the other hand, the biggest issue is the old-school horror recipe: dramatic music where it is not very much needed, jump-scares and slow pacing. Indeed, all this result in a cheap, schematic production. Even though today’s movie tech can project incredible scenes to the screen – if used wrong, it just causes a mess.  

What men want is probably not to see this movie

Golden Raspberry Award 2020 Odds: Bet on the Worst Movies
Taraji P. Henson plays the leading role in What Men Want

What Men Want is full of forced jokes, stereotypes, cliches, racism, sexism, and the list goes on. The movie trailer might be overpromising, but the film itself is hardly worth the popcorn. There are just too many unnecessary things about this movie. Not credible characters, bad jokes, really weird scenes. Regardless of your taste in movies, this is bad as it is – and perfect for the Razzie.

Another bad adaptation is the shallow After

After is a typical good girl meets bad boy romance, but the characters are flat and actually have no personalities.

Rare and week dialogues, boring storyline, goofy plot, and predictable outcomes. The lack of chemistry between the characters just makes it even worse. Unfortunately, this movie is nothing more than a predictable soap opera,  or a rushed version of the books.

Men in Black: International is not too Men in Black, neither international

Despite the title, there isn’t much emphasis on the international aspect of the movie. It somehow feels like the writers hesitate between making it a mystery thriller and a goofy comedy. However, in the end, it has neither thrills nor comedy. Additionally, it just couldn’t be any more stereotypical with the main characters.

For the most part, this movie is trying way too hard to be relatable to its young audiences. To such extent, that audience over 20 can not really enjoy it anymore.

This Dark Phoenix has nothing that we love about X-Men

Jean Grey is one of the most beloved X-Men, the protectors of peace. A mission goes wrong, Jean is exposed to a dark and ancient power, which destroys everything that comes in contact with her. The story could actually be interesting and thrilling if the screenplay is working well.

In reality, the movie is flat and the actors look somewhat bored. That might be due to their weak and predictable lines written in clichés. It might feel like every line was taken from another bad movie. Not to mention Raven’s death which is a totally lame death for a character who’s been through this much.

Replicas could easily become a cult classic

Golden Raspberry Award 2020 Odds: Bet on the Worst Movies
You just gotta love Keanu

The basic premise of the movie is a good one, however, the script is so incredibly bad that it brings down the production design, cinematography and acting to an embarrassing level.

The main character played by Keanu Reeves suffers a car accident where his family, wife and three kids instantly die. What is the main character going to do about it? Yep, you might have guessed, he decides to clone their bodies.

The husband somehow moves an entire laboratory into his basement overnight with no one noticing. Actually, he steals all the government equipment and changes all the research done to that point. Also, he can save three bodies only, so he has to draw lots in order to decide which ones should be those.

Hellboy is actually a gem for its true fans

The 2019 Hellboy totally splits the audience. Devoted fans find the movie a great fun comic book action movie which introduces a great new direction for the character. On the other hand, the movie is said to lack the charm of the Guillermo del Toro duology.

According to the critics, the movie is flat, the dialogs are unnecessary, and there are continuity issues. The camera work and the editing are just bad, while the movie is boring and certainly too predictable. So, this movie might certainly bring surprises regarding the acknowledgments.

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The Hustle is a perfect Razzie material

Who wouldn’t love to see Anne Hatheway on the stage, having a hilarious speech when taking the Razzie? That would be probably more fun than the Hustle movie itself. The concept itself could work well, as the movie was born as the remake Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with women as the scoundrels. Apart from the idea, everything is wrong with this movie. The lousy script, awful music and actors trying too hard.

Rebel Wilson might be tolerable in small doses, but insufferable in leading roles. Not to mention that Anne’s English accent is utterly cringy. Altogether, it’s just another painful movie to watch.

Let’s keep in mind that receiving the Golden Raspberry does not necessarily cause any harm to the actors. It is rather funny than cruel acknowledgment, but it all depends on the actor or actress.

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