1917 Odds to Win Two or More BAFTAs

  • A Sam Mendes film will compete for awards in 3 main categories
  • 1917 leads the best odds in both its nominations at BAFTA
  • The war drama can become the film of the year at Oscars
1917 odds to win, bet on bafta, bet365 sportsbook
1917 can become a multiple BAFTA winning film
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Last year gave us at least three films that deeply impressed everyone. You might have guessed that two of them are Joker and Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite. What picture is the last one? 1917 odds to win awards this season, including BAFTAs, is the lowest out of the top 3. Let’s learn the reason why this is the best film in 2019.

A war drama film, 1917, was doomed to top all the possible award predictions this season. Its director, Sam Mendes, created a truly epic story about two young soldiers involved in World War I. However, the film gained its main success thanks to the peculiarities of shooting. As a result, 1917 odds to win are among the best ones at the upcoming award ceremonies.

1917 received nine nominations for BAFTA – the most prestigious British award. Interestingly, the film can win two Best Film awards at once. It is nominated in the Outstanding British Film category, where the jury praises directors and producers of movies with the UK origin. Also, 1917 aims for the Best Film award and has nice odds to win, according to Bet365 Sportsbook predictions.

Why should you follow 1917 odds to win BAFTA?

1917 odds to win, bet on bafta, bet365 sportsbook
1917 was written and filmed by Sam Mendes [Angela George [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons]
There are at least 3 strong reasons to believe that 1917 will win awards in the UK. Firstly, the film became a winner at the 2020 Golden Globe awards. It took two prizes out of three nominations, including Best Drama Picture. 1917 left behind such hits as Joker and The Irishman and that’s worth something. At the same time, Mendes won the Best Director prize, which gives him and his movie additional points in a further award race.

If this is not enough, here is another reason to bet on 1917 to win BAFTAs. Online sportsbooks in the UK give the film the highest chances to shine at the upcoming award. Just take a look at them:

  • 1917 to win Best Film – 1.61
  • 1917 to win Best British Film – 1.20
  • Sam Mendes to win Best Director – 1.57

The visual uniqueness of the film is the ace in the director’s sleeve. Sam Mendes shot his film in a way that makes it look like a long continuous shot. This method of filming raised interest in 1917 even before its release. Finally, war thematic is always a win-win situation when it comes to awards. In the case of 1917, just add a British director to British actors and a plot about two British soldiers and you will see that the film leaves no chance for others to win the major British award.

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