Top 3 BAFTA Bets: Best British Film

  • A war drama 1917 can repeat its recent triumph in Britain
  • The Two Popes have nice odds to win BAFTA too
  • Rocketman about Elton John’s life closes the top 3
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Who will take BAFTA in 2020?
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Right after the Golden Globe ceremony, another award has announced its nominations. Traditionally, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts placed movies made in the UK in a separate category. So, here are the top 3 BAFTA bets on the Best British Film.

Before we reveal our picks for the top 3 BAFTA bets, let’s make a quick guide through the award history. Since the ceremony establishment in 1948, the jury created a separate nomination for favoring British natives & residents. They received a special award for outstanding achievements in directing or producing. For some time, the jury removed the “British” nomination from the list but it was back in 1992.

During the 2010s, such films as Gravity, The Favorite, and Skyfall were among winners in this nomination. In 2020, top 3 BAFTA bets include the following movies:

  • 1917 – 1.25
  • The Two Popes – 6.00
  • Rocketman – 9.00
  • Sorry We Missed You – 11.00
  • For Sama – 17.00
  • Bait – 17.00

As it is clear from the Bet365 Sportsbook odds, we have figured out the first ones as favorites for the Best British Film award. Let’s look at them closer.

Top 3 BAFTA bets: Rocketman receives a bronze

top 3 bafta bets, bet on bafta 2020, best british film, bet365
Rocketman has one of the best chances to win [Mustafa Doğan Özçelik [CC BY-SA] by Wikipedia]
A musical drama Rocketman became a two-times Golden Globe winner this January. A biographical film about Elton John’s early career years won in the Best Song category. Furthermore, Taron Egerton was named the Best Actor in Comedy or Musical for portraying the pop-rock icon. Therefore, such a successful start of an award season upgraded the odds of the film to 9.00. This is the third-highest odds according to online sportsbooks in the UK.

Rocketman is worth betting on for a number of reasons. Firstly and mainly, the film tells the story of Britain’s music star. Sir Elton John is one of the best-selling singers in the UK and worldwide. He is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a holder of numerous awards. Praising the film about the British legend would be reasonable for the BAFTA jury. Also, you can read about the other possible prizes for Rocketman here.

The Two Popes has the second-highest chances to win

A Fernando Meirelles film is another biographical drama that aims for the BAFTA award. The Two Popes is nominated for the Best British Film and has 6.00 odds to bet on its victory. This is the second-highest chance to take a prize, so betting on The Two Popes makes sense.

Another Netflix film (the other one is The Irishman) is nominated for prestigious awards this year. The Two Popes can win due to the impressive cast (Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce) with a dramatic plot. The movie tells the story of a Pope and a cardinal with opposite opinions about the Catholic church. Despite the fact that they should have had a feud, the two popes approach each other via sharing stories about their past. The film gained high positive critics’ responses (89%) and viewers’ sympathy (7.7/10 at IMDB).

1917 is an absolute leader by bets on BAFTA

top 3 bafta bets, bet on bafta 2020, best british film, bet365
Sam Mendes wrote and filmed 1917 [Georges Biard [CC BY-SA] by Wikimedia Commons]
Here comes the favorite of the analysts from British online gambling sites. 1917 leads the best odds of 1.25 to win in the Best British Film category. The epic war drama has already won two Golden Globe awards as the Best Drama, while Sam Mendes became the Best Director. In addition, 1917 joined Parasite and The Irishman as the major favorite at the 2020 Oscars to win the main prize.

In fact, the film raised a big interest among viewers even before its official release. 1917 was filmed with long shots and then edited to give the effect of one continuous shot. Such an experiment was positively appraised by critics (90% on Rotten Tomatoes) and viewers (8.5 at IMDB). Moreover, the film entered the top 3 BAFTA bets thanks to the plot. It is not a surprise that films with a war theme are of special honor among academics, so 1917 has high chances to win.

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