2017 Grand Slam Of Darts Betting Odds Make Taylor Attractive

2017 Odds for Grand Slam Of Darts

Michael Van Gerwen will be in Wolverhampton at the Civic Centre this November to defend his title but a quick look at the 2017 Grand Slam of Darts betting odds reveal that the bookies like Bet365 are not entirely certain he can win again, so we take a look at the obvious alternative wager, a bet on Phil Taylor.

Grand Slam Of Darts Betting Odds

Michael Van Gerwen – 4/5
Gary Anderston – 11/2
Peter Wright – 13/2
Phil Taylor – 8/1
Adrian Lewis – 22/1

For a lot of sports commercialization has been far more a curse than a blessing. Football sags under the cost of players (just ask PSG about Neymar), sponsorship logos festoon the Olympic games till it resembles a shopping mall on Black Friday, and the advantaged the well financed have over the rest is tantamount to cruelty, just look at Mercedes & Ferrari in Formula One, but as we look at the 2017 Grand Slam of Darts betting odds we have to remember that commercialization created the game.

Now yes, I know, someone somewhere is going to mention aristrocratic knight types wanting to practice archery in out of the rain and inventing the game of darts in the process, however this hardly made it a game of the common man, the common man not really having interior spaces of the size required and, frankly, he was still legally required to practice the real thing lest the Scots decided to attack, and anyone in the UK gambling laws
of that nature have changed should go look it up.

Can Phil Taylor Win The Grand Slam Of Darts This Year?

The 2017 Grand Slam of Darts betting odds may draw us toward the pinnacle of the sport but its inclusion in pubs as a mainstay of drunken entertainment is down to the commercial presentation of sets for the middle classes, a complete experience in a box that pub goers couldn’t afford, but pub landlords could, the community as it were sharing the cost of this, to begin with, novel game. Without that commercial exploitation it would never have reached the heights of popularity it enjoys today.

Phil Taylor 2017

Phil Taylor is coming off an impressive win at the 2017 World Matchplay (photo:

The PDC and BDO may well be at each others throats a lot of the time but you can watch the 2017 Grand Slam of Darts betting odds are that all the major names will have qualified regardless of which of the organizations they favour with their presence. Those that like to bet on sports in UK
will already know some of those names, but the big one to watch is last year’s winner Michael Van Gerwen who is the favourite online at Bwin Sports etc, and looks like the chap to beat, but should you back him?

Find All The 2017 Grand Slam Of Darts Betting Odds At Bet365

Well you can get 4/5 on him defending his title if you look around, and his nearest rival, Gary Anderson, only scrapes up 11/2 if you’re lucky and Peter Wright a scant 13/2 just behind him. This means the familiar face of Phil Taylor only manages a rather disingenuous 8/1 in the 2017 Grand Slam of Darts betting odds so far, making him perhaps the best bet if you’re looking to boost your bankroll, especially when you consider Adrian Lewis sits way back at 22/1 and unlikely to make much headway.

The 2017 Grand Slam of Darts betting odds on Michael Van Gerwen are not as tight as they might be, there really is still some room in there for profit, but no one in the UK gambling news headlines will sing of it as a glorious victory if he wins understands just how much the tabloid press like an old dog to make a come back. Phil Taylor might not have as many years left in him as he had, but he’s still got the skills and at 8/1 at sites like Bwin Sports it’s just too tempting a wager not to place before winter rolls round.

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