Olympic Games

So, over the years of Olympic games, numerous sports have come and gone. Sometimes improving the spectacle, sometimes just rather embarrassing. Remember solo-synchronized-swimming? Fortunately, the new clutch of Olympic sports aren’t that bad. However, they do leave those who like to bet on sports in France all at sea. The IOC has left gamblers around the world even now frantically attempting to learn how to bet on breakdancing before Paris 2024. ... read more

The 2020-21 Cross Country season will start at the end of November in Ruka, Finland with sprint races for both men and women. In both competitions the defending champions are the favorites according to the 2021 Cross Country Sprint predictions. Let’s see who they are and who can beat them for the title.  ... read more

This season’s Alpine Ski World Cup has already started with the first race in October, held in Austria. But the first downhill race will only take place in Val d’Isere on the second weekend of December. Swiss Beat Feuz is the defending champion and one of the biggest favorites in the Men’s Downhill World Cup odds.  ... read more

This year’s London Marathon will be held this Sunday, 4th of October as an elite-only race. Without the mass race everyone will concentrate now on the top athletes who will race in a modified route. In the London Marathon winner odds last year’s winner is the favorite, but we might see a new athlete crossing the finish line first.  ... read more

Weirdest Water Sports

It’s hot and sunny outside, so most of us just want to get into the cold water to cool ourselves. Swimming, surfing or rafting are great activities, but if you want to try out something new, let’s take a look on the following list with the weirdest water sports. Who knows, you might be inspired to try one of them out this summer! ... read more

Women’s water polo has only become part of the Olympic program in 2000, in Sydney. But the ladies also took part in other competitions before like the World Championships and World Cups. In the best women’s water polo teams in history we can find the multiple winners US team, but we also listed other nations with great results.  ... read more

Water polo is one of the oldest team sports, it first appeared in the Olympics in 1900. Since then the sport gained popularity all around the world, from Australia to North America. But there are countries, which have stood out and given most of the best water polo teams in history. Let’s see who they are. ... read more

Female handball has become as popular as men’s handball in the last few decades. Since its appearance in the Olympics in 1976, the sport gained huge popularity all around the world. The best female handball players in history come from Scandinavia and the Balkan, with Romanian Cristina Neagu considered the best of all time.  ... read more

Men’s handball debuted in the Olympics in 1936 in Berlin as an outdoor sport, then returned to the program as an indoor sport in 1972. Since then its popularity has grown continuously, even though it hasn’t become widely known in the US. We can find European athletes in the best handball players in history who all lead their teams to titles.  ... read more

Gymnastics can be one of only a few sports where female athletes are more famous than the male athletes. Of course there have been several great male gymnasts as well in the last few decades, who were all great champions and representatives of the sport. In the best male gymnasts of all time we find mainly Russian and Japanese athletes, let’s see who they are.  ... read more