2018 Scott Nelson Senate Race Odds Hide Mickey’s Maneuvers

Two depressingly similar candidates for the Democrats and Republicans slug it out for a senate seat down in Florida this November and whilst the 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds give Governor Rick Scott 11/10 over Bill Nelson at 4/6 on sites like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, there’s a quiet battle being fought over gambling in Florida and it looks like Mickey Mouse and the Disney Corporation will come out of this one a winner.

2018 Scott Nelson Senate Race Odds

Florida Senate Race 2018

  • Midterm Senate Election
  • November 6th
  • Sen. Bill Nelson – 6/4
  • Gov. Rick Scott – 11/10

If this thing passes,” Advises Dan Adkins ominously, “there’s going to be litigation just continuing on forever.” And as the chair of “Citizens For The Truth About Amendment 3” which concerns a ballot initiative that would create so many barriers to an expansion of gaming in Florida that it couldn’t possibly happen he’ll be the one to see that happen, especially if it doesn’t pass. Think the 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds bely a bitter political battle? That’s nothing.

The 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds are just a reflection of entrenched polarized political views that are de rigueur in the United States under Donald Trump, the Amendment 3 fight has a big budget, a cast of thousands and some real jeopardy, well at least for those who like to bet on sports in the US it does. It would give local populations the chance to vote down gambling businesses in their vicinity, killing off potential investment and retaining the status quo.

Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson

Dolphins And Buccaneers Oppose Amendment 3

Rick Scott
Florida Governor Rick Scott

Naturally those with pre-existing gambling interests, particularly the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the local Native Americans who have been operating Federally approved casinos on their land for years, are very keen on the initiative passing. It would all but eliminate any possibility of competition. You might think the 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds a reflection of harsh political realities in Florida, but with profits at stake Amendment 3 is just about the money.

US gambling laws have been slackening of late with a Supreme Court ruling seeming to open up the way forward towards sports gambling in the US, that’s why the Tampa Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins stand alongside the likes of MGM Resorts against Amendment 3. Mr Adkins himself works for the Big Easy Casino in Hallandale Beach, however whilst the 2018 Scott Nelson Senate odds concern two sides of the same coin, Amendment 3 has very diverse backers.

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Amendment 3 In Florida

  • Ballot initiative – Nov 6th
  • Would require 60% voter approval of all gambling businesses
  • Pro – Seminole Tribe, Disney Corporation
  • Anti – Buccaneers, Dolphins, MGM Resorts
  • Pro Campaign – John Sowinski
  • Anti Campaign – Dan Atkins

As well as the Seminole Tribe the other major proponent of the ballot initiative is the Disney Corporation which wishes to keep it’s faux-wholesome Florida tourism image protected, and they’ve been doling out cash to the tune of $20 million to get the initiative passed. Yup, the Supreme Court might not mind you gambling online in the US, but Mickey Mouse is dead set against it. Gamblers should thus not be distracted by the 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds.

There’s more at stake. Amendment 3 is a political judo move using democracy against itself, using the complexity of modern campaigning to serve up a limitation on the very freedoms it claims to preserve. The 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds may be a lamentable indictment upon politics in the US, but by comparison with the cynical, greedy and self-serving interests of Disney and Mickey, which barely even make US gambling news headlines, they’re amateurs.

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