In The 2018 US F1 GP Odds Hamilton Wins Despite The Cheese

Mathematically Vettel could still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat but the chances are the 2018 US F1 GP Odds Hamilton is getting mean he’ll be World Champion for the fifth time by the end of the race in Austin. The question is, should you back him at those slim 8/15 odds sites like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, are giving him or are there some better wagers to be had as the Formula One gets itself bogged down in American cheese?

Lewis Hamilton

Perhaps it’s because the United States Grand Prix is still trying to recover a reputation after the 2005 fiasco when only six cars started, perhaps it’s because Formula One is now owned by the US company Liberty Media, or perhaps it’s because F1 drivers are overpaid Muppets who’ll say anything their PR handlers tell them but the 2018 US F1 GP odds Hamilton is garnering at Bovada appear all the more honest and fair when compared to the cheesy enthusiasm out there.

Boy, don’t get me started on the great city of Austin.”

Lewis HamiltonFawns Ricciardo. “It’s always nice to race in front of the American fans.” Agrees Alonso with Hartley chiming in with “I’m very excited to be going back to Austin because it’s a city I love” and Verstappen turning into the Michelin guide with “Whilst staying in Austin there are so many options for good food.” A detail we who like to bet on sports in the US are, like the 2018 US F1 GP odds Hamilton is getting, glad to know.  

Will Texas See Hamilton Crowned World Champ?

Nor are the 2018 US F1 GP odds Hamilton is getting as glowing as words about the track.I think Austin is one of the greatest modern tracks currently in Formula One.” Said Sirotkin voicing a popular opinion this week. “COTA is really fun to drive. It has long fast straights, slow tight corners and quick flowing sectors, all you want from a race track in one.” Verstappen points out and Ricciardo waxed lyrical about how “It encourages you to fight.” Which is true..ish.

Of course this neglects to point out it’s pancake flat, has more run off than the average Dutch flood plain and ironically could find itself a tad damp if the weather report is anything to go by, particularly around qualifying, and if you’re in the US gambling news of those 2018 US F1 GP odds Hamilton picks up means the season is done bar the shouting already, you could well be right, although you’d never get the emollient Mercedes boss Toto Wolff to admit it in public.   

In The 2018 US F1 GP Odds Hamilton Gets 8/15 At Bovada

The battle is far from over.”

Toto lies convincingly. “So we approach Austin the same way as every other race.” Sure. Lewis only needs to finish fifth in each remaining race to be World Champion but there’s still a lot to do. Right. Bovada et al might bandy about those 2018 US F1 GP odds Hamilton in hopes you’ll take them up on it, but honestly at that 8/15 price is it worth it? You can get Vettel at 3/1 and you never know, he might not throw it away this race, right?

Well okay, maybe he will, and maybe there’s little point taking advantage of US gambling laws to back him, but the same can be said of a wager on Valtteri Bottas on the nose even at 15/2 because team orders will ensure he doesn’t win (although each way he’s a dead cert) and having Raikkonen at 12/1, Verstappen at 16/1 and Ricciardo at 22/1 on Bovada just demonstrates, in light of those 2018 US F1 GP odds Hamilton cops, just how far behind him the rest of the grid is.

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