2019 CWC Odds On Pakistan Are Generous Given Recent Form

  • Loss In Warm Up May Give Team The Kick They Need
  • 2019 CWC Odds On Pakistan Now Just 14/1 At Unibet
  • Captain Sarfaraz Promises Team Will Rise To Challenge
2019 CWC Odds On Pakistan
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Their preparation matches haven’t gone to plan, their captain has been trolled on the internet for looking stoned during a TV interview and they didn’t get a single win against England in the pre-tournament series. However, Pakistan are still a major force to be reckoned with in One Day International Cricket, even if those 14/1 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan at Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Pakistan these days, currently suggest this might not be their year.

I love to play here.” Sarfaraz Ahmed assured the British press, “We’ve got a lot of support here, that’s why we play so well in England.” Which is true enough, however it wasn’t well enough to get a victory in the series against England, favorites to win the Cricket World Cup, and indeed if those 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan seem a bit long that’s probably because they’ve not been playing at the top of their game lately. Proven by their loss in a warm up match to Afghanistan.

We’ve already learned a lot.” He said obliquely referring to that defeat, “We’ve been here for almost a month and are adapting to the conditions well.” Which might sound more impressive if the team had demonstrated winning ways recently. Asked about it the Captain said “We have addressed our shortcomings.” But those 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan rather indicate that may be spin for fans and not something those taking advantage of Pakistani gambling laws should heed.

 Cricket World Cup May Elude Pakistan This Year

 We have come here to prove ourselves in another challenge. It’s a very balanced World Cup and there should be some great Cricket. Pakistan do very well in England traditionally, so we are confident of doing well again.” Said the smiling Sarfaraz, who was subject to a little social media ribbing when he appeared somewhat bleary-eyed and laid back during a TV presser for the tournament at which the 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan weren’t mentioned, but his politics were.

Cricket World Cup 2019

  • Date – May 30th Until July 14th
  • Location – England & Wales, UK
  • Type – One Day International Cricket
  • Format – Round Robin & Knockout
  • Participants – 10
  • Matches – 48

Asked if he too would go into politics like Imran Khan he shrugged the question off and was immediately accused of failing to deny categorically he wouldn’t. Such is the life of a Pakistan Cricket captain. Fact is he’s got a lot to think about those 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan are nothing to be proud of, they should be far shorter, and the loss to Afghanistan after their sub-par series against England doesn’t make them a very good bet on sports in Pakistan this summer.

CWC Odds On Pakistan Just 14/1 At Unibet

We learned a lot from these defeats.” Sarfaraz insists, but doesn’t necessarily explain what was learned nor how it will be applied. If they’d hoped to gain a morale boosting win against Bangladesh the great British weather put paid to that, rain seeing the match abandoned without a ball being bowled. The 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan then are based on a run of form they’ve been unable shake off, and their first cup match against the Windies will be anything but a cake walk.

2019 Cricket World Cup Odds

  • Afghanistan – 250/1
  • Sri Lanka – 80/1
  • Bangladesh – 80/1
  • West Indies – 20/1
  • Pakistan – 14/1
  • New Zealand – 9/1
  • South Africa – 17/2
  • Australia – 7/2
  • India – 9/4
  • England – 15/8

A loss against the West Indies in their opener would probably signal that whilst in the past the Pakistani team were a threat, right now they look anything but. The 2019 CWC odds on Pakistan at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Pakistan right now, might appear unfairly long at 14/1 but quite honestly that’s generous given their inability to beat Afghanistan. Perhaps the internet is right and Sarfaraz really is getting stoned. It would explain the misplaced confidence.

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