2019 FIFA eChampions League Betting Odds Suggest Jakson has a Good Chance to Win the eTournament

  • There are just few dangerous players for Jakson to worry about
  • XLevVinken, marcuzo and chris are among the title challengers
2019 FIFA eChampions League Betting Odds
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The first-ever FIFA19 eChampions League has just got serious, with only eight pro players advancing to the Final. They will compete in Madrid on May 31 for a grand prize of $100,000 awaiting the new supreme champion. The American virtual footballer Jakson will likely win the title, according to the 2019 FIFA eChampions League betting odds.  

FIFA19 eChampions League has brought much attention to the online sportsbook news in Spain with surprising upsets. Some of the very high-profile gamers, favoured to make it to the final, have faced shocking exit in April. F2Tekkz, Maestro, MsDossary, and Nicolas99FC have all been knocked out in rounds 32 and 16. New title challengers have emerged including xLevVinken, marcuzo and chris, with Jakson topping the list to win the tournament.

The eight finalists will compete on PlayStartion4 and in an offline event packed with thousands of spectators. The eChampions League Final will take place one day before the real-world UEFA Champions League final on June 1. This will create a two day celebration of digital and traditional football.

With best of the best being knocked out, the winner is hard to predict. However, Jakson sits on top of the 2019 FIFA eChampions League betting odds to become the new champion.

Jakson considered the frontrunner by the bookies

The American had a slow start for this season, but he gathered the pace on the right time of the year. As such, he has a very good chance at the eChampions League to prove he is the best. In round 32, Jakson knocked out one of the tournament favorites MsDossary with a 5-2 victory. On the next day, he met with Paps in the last-16 and won the game 9-8.

Jakson does not have many dangerous players to worry about, as Nicola99FC and F2Tekkz, the two top FIFA gamers have been eliminated. Besides online sportsbooks in Spain consider Jakson the hot favourite to win the title, with 3.70 odds available at Unibet Sportsbook.

XLevVinken, marcuzo, and chris might pose a threat

The Netherland’s xLevVinken (3.75), marcuzo (4.50), and chris (5.50) are among the potential challengers who could pose a threat. XLevVinken has thrashed Tore (4-1) in round 32, and Cihan (7-2) in the round of 16, to secure a seat in the Final. He will meet with marcuzo in the final. Yet, it is hard to predict who will advance, with marcuzo being the one who eliminated Nicolas99FC.

Chris has also shown a real pedigree on his way to the final, winning at both Damie and Frontale_FIFA. However, it remains to be seen if any one of the three talented players xLevVinken, marcuzo, and chris can stand firm against Jakson.

To see all the best 2019 FIFA eChampions League betting odds, just have a look at our latest review about Unibet Sportsbook.

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