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The Fanboost already gives Formula E an edge over its rivals when it comes to audience participation, and plenty of those who’ve placed 2019 Formula E bets ahead of the first race in Riyadh will be voting for their chosen driver to get that extra power. However, with the addition of an “Attack Mode” will the odds on offer at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Saudi Arabia these days, shift massively or is this just a gimmick that won’t make a difference?

Formula E Saudi Arabia

Five years into what we today call Formula One there was only a single race on the calendar held in France over 29 laps of a near 20 mile long course near Amiens. Five years into Formula E and the all-electric motorsport is already far more developed with a packed season of races around the world and it continues its innovative ways as the FE circus heads to the first race around Riyadh where the 2019 Formula E bets made by the teams and organizers will either win or lose.

Jean-Eric Vergne
Jean-Eric Vergne

The “Attack Mode” revealed recently would see drivers need to trigger special zones off the racing line to be given a boost in power they could then use at their discretion, and if you’re Saudi Arabian gambling news of this new feature will put everyone in mind of Mario Kart or similar computer games you’re probably right on the money. It will. It is probably supposed to. Question is will it throw your 2019 Formula E bets into disarray or just be a distraction?

Will Attack Mode Matter?   

In theory the off-line boost zone concept isn’t a bad one, however in practice it remains to be seen if under real world race conditions it functions as conceived. Somehow I doubt Jean-Eric Vergne, still 3/1 favorite to win the Formula E Championship next year and one of the better 2019 Formula E bets in the first race of the season at Unibet, is worried that new boy Stoffel Vandoorne is suddenly going to come hurtling past in defiance of his 33/1 odds and reality.

What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander and drivers like Lucas Di Grassi (7/2 at the moment) and Sebastien Buemi (7/1, although that’ll shorten up in due course) will be taking advantage as much as 25/1 championship shot Pascal Wehrlein or 28/1 chance Oliver Turvey will. If 2019 Formula E bets it’ll produce more action, they’re right, but a different overall result? I’d not take advantage of Saudi Arabian gambling laws to bet on that happening any time soon.

All 2019 Formula E Bets Available At Unibet

Oliver Turvey
Oliver Turvey

The likes of Felipe Massa (a 9/1 shot to win the season this time round) and Daniel Abt (who gets 11/1 at sites like Unibet) are going to be vying for podiums regardless of the framework, although the fairy lights around the framework of the car are another story. Adorning the much hailed halo they’ll indicate when a driver is getting or using a boost, providing an interesting glow that 2019 Formula E bets will give the audience more of a clue as to what’s going on in the cockpit.

Innovation is the watchword for this series and it’s still in its infancy. With an expanding field of teams and a willingness to try new things it is already earning it a dedicated band of fans which, if you like to bet on sports in Saudi Arabia, you can join when the new season gets underway at the Ad Diriyah ePrix on December 15th. Of course if you are going to back your favorite driver on the day at Unibet you might want to start thinking of that fanboost vote well ahead of time.

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