2019 space tourism predictions: first space tourist flights could come in 2019


Posted: December 17, 2019

Updated: February 20, 2020

  • Launching into space. Bye Earth, hello Moon!
  • The agency needs a finished rocket, a tiny space station, and a brand new lander

It seems that traveling to the moon is real but in about ten years. Billionaire entrepreneurs are trying to create rockets fit for human traveling, while government agencies spend billions on their explorations. According to online sportsbooks in Russia 2019, space tourism predictions are much more realistic.

The goal is to approach or pass the imaginary line where space begins, either the Karman line, at a distance of 62 miles, or the 50 miles border. Nowadays, several companies are developing programs for so-called suborbital tourism. Such tours could involve:

  • flying to the orbit altitude of Yuri Gagarin (180–220 km)
  • The flight will last 15–20 minutes, including 5–6 minutes in zero gravity
  • The flight will cost $ 200,000–250,000 for a tourist

With this interesting information in mind, 1xBET.com has come up with some predictions for the launch of a tourist ship to the moon.

Launch of a tourist ship to the moon before 31.12.2020 Yes 7.8
Launch of a tourist ship to the moon before 31.12.2020 No 1.05

Would you like to know some amazing facts? There is something interesting about 2019 space tourism predictions!

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NASA Apollo 17 Lunar Roving Vehicle – Image via Wikipedia

China published the main directions of its space program. It included manned flights to Mars and to the other side of the moon in the next decade. Nowadays,  we already speaking about calls from space. Can you imagine, that from the beginning of this year, it could be possible to make a cell phone call from space? A German company has teamed with Nokia. They want to build the first 4G network on the moon with 2019 space tourism predictions as close as 8.00 odds at 1xBet Sportsbook. The system will allow astronauts to send videos back home. Other companies are planning satellite constellations that could make the Internet available to everyone on Earth. And if you think that’s crazy, you can check out the information and earn a lot of money on online gambling sites in Russia.


And what about housing over there?

Of course, when we are thinking about traveling, the very first thing, which can come to our mind is housing. It’s amazing! Can you imagine, that one of the greatest companies, Orion Span, began taking reservations last year for a luxury space hotel, which could be opened by 2022? You would be able to get a 12-day stay and three months of training before you start your traveling for just $9.5 million. Another space agency also announced a space hotel module that will attach to the International Space Station, to be delivered in 2021. However, we expect that 2019 space tourism predictions by online sportsbook sites in the Russian Federation will offer plenty of wagers on all these facts.

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