2020 Eurovision Fan Contest Winner: Who Would Have Won in Rotterdam?

  • Eurovision 2020 was scheduled for May 2020, but then canceled
  • You can still choose an unofficial winner of the contest at a fansite
  • Place your bet and pick your favorite entry at the OGAE annual poll
2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner
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The show must go on. Although the ESC is canceled this year, fans are still eager to learn who might have won. 2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner odds will answer this question on May 14. Follow the special OGAE competition featuring a professional jury’s votes and people’s polls to award the best Eurovision entry of this year.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest should have taken place on May 12-16 in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, the annual music competition in the Netherlands was canceled along with other mass events, concerts, and football matches across the world. However, Europeans will not leave without the winner as the General Organisation of Eurovision Fans (OGAE) offers the ESC jury and ordinary viewers keep on voting for artists in order to choose the possible winner.

2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner
Israel wins the Eurovision Song Contest – Image via Flickr

Such a poll is not this year’s innovation. OGAE has been conducting its own polls for more than 30 years to determine the best entry of the year. Usually, only OGAE members could participate, but this year, it will give a voting possibility to everyone. Even the juries will join to give fans the feeling of the real Eurovision. So, who could have won the actual contest in the Netherlands?

Who could have been the 2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner?

According to the online sportsbooks in Iceland, its latest entry had all chances to become an unofficial winner of the contest. Daði og Gagnamagnið should have performed at the ESC with the song “Think About Things” if the contest took place according to the schedule. The Icelandic band was one of bookmakers and viewers’ favorites when the odds on the Eurovision winner were out. Now it can become the 2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner as it leads the odds of 3.74 and leaves all competitors behind.

2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner
Netta from Israel wins the Eurovision Song Contest – Image via Flickr

Although Eurovision fans highly evaluated Daði og Gagnamagnið, the band could have won mostly due to the combination of viewers and the jury’s votes. The song itself wasn’t too popular among the common audience. If speaking about people’s favorites only, the entry from Russia is unbeatable here. A rave band Little Big was the last to present their song for the 2020 ESC, however, it didn’t stop them from breaking all records. “Uno” by Little Big became the most viewed song of this year’s contest with 85 million views on Youtube. Just for comparison, the second-most viewed video of the 2020 Eurovision has… 4.5 million (Efendi from Azerbaijan). Moreover, Little Big topped the list of the most popular ESC videos in March and April by far. It makes the Russian band people’s favorite, so use 8.00 odds to bet on them at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Dark horses of the ESC 2020

An entry from countries with higher odds can also be the 2020 Eurovision Fan Contest winner. For example, Victoria from Bulgaria has the same winning chances as Little Big. Her song “Tears Getting Sober” even topped the ESC odds for some time and was expected to win the competition. It was also highly evaluated by viewers, thanks mostly to Victoria’s Billie Eilish-style of singing. By the way, you can find many bettings on both Billie and Eurovision at 1xBet Sportsbook.

The last underdog of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest is Azerbaijan. This country has always had good entries on the contest and this year was not an exception. Efendi with the song “Cleopatra” was chosen for Eurovision and was likely to be high on the final list. Her video on the contest song is the second most-viewed at the official ESC channel with 4.5 million views. Also, the song itself is very memorable, so you can support this young Azerbaijani singer to become an unofficial winner of the main European song contest in 2020.

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