Casino Junket Tours: Travel To Gamble

  • Have you ever thought about traveling to gamble?
  • A lot of gambling establishments offer to their customers All-inclusive packages with only one condition
  • In this article, you will find out how to get on casino junket tours. 
Casino junket tours

Despite the oppression of gambling in some countries, people do not stop betting and trying their luck. High taxes, increased costs of licenses, and the introduction of territorial restrictions force gambling establishments to look for new ways to attract customers. Nowadays, many casinos offer their visitors a full board in return for a daily game. We are talking about casino junket tours. Have you ever thought about traveling just for gambling? Junket tourism is almost 70 years old and it continues it’s history these days!

What is a casino junket tour?

Casino junket tours’ main idea is to travel to another country for gambling. Before the term “junket” migrated to the gambling sphere, the business trips of officials at the expense of the state budget were called junkets in America. Now VIP junkets are gamblers who combine a cultural program abroad with betting.

The founders of junket tourism were casino owners from Las Vegas. In the 1950s, they created a new format for working with customers. Tourists began to be lured by an inexpensive or completely free stay in hotels in exchange for guaranteed bets in their gambling establishments. Over time, the idea began to develop around the world thanks to religion and political restrictions. Thus, those who cannot gamble in their native land fly to play abroad. For example, the Chinese are forced to go to Macau autonomy. It is the only place in the country where gambling is officially allowed.

Casino junket tours
Of course, it originates from vegas.

How junket tours work

If you go on a gambling junket tour, it means that a casino provides you as their customer with flight, accommodation, meals, and passes to the gambling establishment. The economy package of such a vacation will cost at least $ 5,000 for 3 nights. The money you pay will be exchanged for chips you can use in the casino. Such trips are often spontaneous, and therefore junket operators often offer weekend packages.

According to the agreement, during the day, the customer should spend in the casino from 2 to 5 hours. For each game, certain betting limits apply, and each casino also mentions it beforehand. For example, in some casinos the following rules apply when buying an economy package:

  • the total amount of chips on the table in roulette starts from $ 75;
  • the cost of one spin in slot machines starts from $ 2;
  • the minimum bet in poker and blackjack is $ 50.

A lot of gamblers buy casino junket tours for live poker tournaments. When you have the All-inclusive package, you can focus only on the game. Moreover, today gambling tours are even more exciting. Packages worth more than 50 thousand dollars provide an additional service. The customer gets a comfortable shuttle to the hotel, free spa services, city tours, and other cultural and entertainment VIP events.

Casino junket tours
Live poker tournaments are great to do casino junket tours.

However, a deposit which a customer makes should be fully used at the casino. This does not mean that the player will return home with an empty wallet. Thus, only the guaranteed bet size is negotiated while winnings are paid in the usual mode. If luck is on the player’s side, before leaving you can not only cover expenses but also make money on your vacation.

To sum it up

Junket tourism embodies spontaneity and a thirst for adventure. Thanks to many casinos, gamblers can afford a luxurious vacation in any corner of the world. Every player signs a special contract makes a deposit, and just enjoys his vacation. It does not matter whether the gambler remains to win or lose. At the end of such a tour, everyone returns home with new impressions. Thus, you can not compare it with a simple beach vacation.

However, if you are not up to going anywhere, online gambling sites in the USA are more than welcome to have you as their customer. Bovada Casino is a reliable online platform that can bring you all the pleasure of gambling. Learn about the List of Poker Games You Should Try While Under Quarantine and spend good quality time not leaving your home. And if you want to indulge in the atmosphere of a real casino, then read about Best VR Casinos Online: Modern Technologies And Gambling. Make yourself a casino junket tour right on your favorite sofa! 

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