XiaoT Slightly Leading at 2020 HearthStone World Championship Odds

  • XiaoT is the top Hearthstone player in China
  • Bloodyface, Jarla, and glory will be tough challengers
2020 HearthStone world championship odds

The biggest Hearthstone tournament in the world is just around the corner. Eight top players from different regions are about to compete for the coveted prize. There is no massive favorite expected to dominant. However, the 2020 Hearthstone World Championship odds indicate the Chinese youngster XiaoT might have a chance to win.

With the completion of two Grandmasters seasons and six Masters Tours, all eyes are on the  Hearthstone 2020 World Championship. Eight exceptional players will be joining the competition online between 12 – 14 December. According to online sportsbook news in China, alongside the coveted title, the $500,000 prize pool is on the line.

The tournament will be divided into two groups of four players. Only four will advance to the single-elimination bracket. The winner will get the lion’s share of $200,000. No former champion is competing this year. Thus, a new champion is something to eagerly look for.

The 2020 HearthStone world championship odds have put three players including bloodyface, glory, and Jarla, just behind the favorite XiaoT. This means that things might quickly change, with any player of the four to have a strong chance of winning. Before looking at their profiles and value, check out our review about Bet365 Sportsbook, one of the best platforms offering all kinds of odds on Esports.

Bloodyface one of the top veterans

Brian ‘bloodyface’ Eason from Atlanta, the United States is one of the veterans in the competitive scene. He qualified for the World Championship with a 3-1 win over Eddie ‘Eddie’ Lui in the Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 finals. It was bloodyface’s second GM win in a row. It is no surprise as bloodyface has been highly competitive for six years. However, he never managed to win the world championship.

Will 2020 HearthStone world championship odds be on bloodyface’s side? Although this year has some very strong contenders in the mix, bloodyface has a good chance. His value stands at 6.00, according to Bet365 Sportsbook.

2020 Hearthstone world championship odds on Glory

Kenta ‘glory’ Sato from Yokohama, Japan started his Hearthstone journey in 2016. He quickly made his mark as a pro with a strong showing in the 2018 HCT Asia-Pacific Season 1. Later on, glory took first place at the APAC Summer Playoffs. Glory can be very consistent in results and enjoys a calm demeanor during stressful matches. All of these strengths can get glory to the title with 5.50 odds.

2020 HearthStone world championship odds
Let’s play hearthstone! – Sergey Galyonkin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jarla put up a strong preparation

The very deliberate player from the Czech Republic, Jaromir “Jarla” Vyskocil seems to be putting up a strong preparation for the tournament. He spends five hours a day watching playing Hearthstone. For the ones who follow Jarla, they would highly agree that his methodical style is getting better every day. A win as the 2020 Hearthstone world championship odds show seems likely with a value of 5.00. However, it remains to be seen how he will perform should he meet against XiaoT.

XiaoT the top player in China

The new Hearthstone king in China, Wu “XiaoT” Juwei emerged as the player to beat at the world level since 2019. His first competitive tournament was only three years ago. The first prestigious tournament XiaoT participated in was in 2018.  XiaoT never qualified for the World Championship before. Even though he is the favorite to win it all with 4.50 odds.

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