2020 New UK Monarch Bets Predict the Future of the British Throne

  • Queen Elizabeth II may soon leave the British Throne
  • According to the media sources, the abdication will happen soon
  • 2020 New UK Monarch bets predict Prince Charles to overtake the throne
2020 New UK Monarch bets
Queen Elizabeth
Image via Flickr

Several years ago, some of the social media declared Queen Elizabeth II to leave her post. Fortunately, the news once again turned out to be false. However, the current British monarch has already turned 93 and the days of her reign are counted. 2020 New UK Monarch bets foresee the changes on the British throne next year. 

One of the British tabloids, The Sun, writes that Queen Elizabeth II may abdicate soon in favor of her son Charles. Thus, online gambling sites in the UK are offering different bets on the destiny of the British crown. Everyone hopes that Queen Elizabeth II remains the reigning monarch as long as possible. However, she will not be able to do it forever.

Queen Elizabeth II is not going to reign forever

In 2016, the King of Thailand died, and the title of the oldest ruling monarch on earth went to, at that time, the 90-year-old Elizabeth II. An energetic woman has been ruling her 16 kingdoms for over 60 years. Thus, she is the most “long-playing” monarch in the entire history of Great Britain. The vast majority of her subjects were born during her reign and do not know the world without her. However, nothing lasts forever.

2020 New UK Monarch bets
Queen Elizabeth – Image via Flickr

According to the media source, the abdication will happen soon. The tabloid cites statistics, which shows that Elizabeth II attends less and less official events. Moreover, Prince Charles replaces her absence. The Sun also writes that the spouse of Elizabeth II, Duke of Edinburgh, refused to attend official events at the same age. Thus, the 1xBET gambling site offers 2020 New UK Monarch bets.

2020 New UK Monarch bets foresee the upcoming changes on the British throne

In 2016, the Globe wrote that Elizabeth II would leave the country to her grandson Prince William. However, technically this is not possible. Prince Charles, who can immediately give up power, must first become a monarch in any case. In 2017, the Daily Mail wrote about this with a reference to a source close to the royal family. An insider said that the court is already preparing for the transfer of power.

Also in 2017, the Mirror wrote about the imminent abdication of Elizabeth II from the throne. According to this source, the Queen is already preparing all the necessary documents. Also, she wants to make sure that when the time comes, the transfer of power will pass without any interference. Thus, Great Britain to have a new monarch in 2020 has 3.0 odds on the 1xBET gambling site. Soon we will figure out the destiny of the British throne. And meanwhile, visit the 1xBET gambling site to check all the British monarchy bets.

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