2020 Oscar Host Odds: Why Academy Abandons Everyone

  • The 92nd Academy Award ceremony will go on without a host
  • Oscar has refused from hosts for the last 2 years. Why?
  • Is there any perfect host to satisfy everyone?
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It seems that another Oscar will be held without a host
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On January 9, the Academy Award revealed that it will choose no host for the 92nd ceremony. This is the second time in a row when the award abandons the idea to entertain its audience. 2020 Oscar host odds reveal why there is no need in presenters anymore.

Hosting the Oscars is not an easy thing nowadays as the Academy has to pay attention to worldwide trends. As soon as various empowering campaigns started to dictate the world their rules, people began to notice serious drawbacks in Hollywood celebrities. Thus, if you had bad luck commenting on a racist joke with a laughing emoji, you’ll definitely lose your contract and people’s respect in addiction. However, how is it all related to the Academy Awards?

2020 Oscar host odds and feminism

It all began with the #MeToo movement. In 2017, film producer Harvey Weinstein was massively accused of sexual harassment. Imprisonment of such a significant posture in Hollywood and a wave of the following protests against women abuse changed the film industry. 

The first one who felt the impact of #MeToo was Kevin Spacey. Another actor, Anthony Rapp, accused him of misbehavior in 1986 when Rapp was 14. Several other men supported Anthony as estimated victims of Spacey’s actions. As a result, Kevin Spacey was immediately fired from House of Cards by Netflix and withdrawn from receiving a special Emmy award. Despite there are any updates on his crimes since July 2019, his career seems to be destroyed forever.

2020 oscar host odds, academy awards, oscar 2020, bet online
Kevin Hart should have hosted the ceremony but was fired [Memorial Student Center Texas A&M University [CC BY] Wikimedia Commons]
Such a powerful impact of #MeToo gave start to other movements protecting rights of LGBTQ, Afro-American and body-positive people. Since then, every celeb’s career was at risk in case of a revelation of his/her nontolerant actions. Finally, here comes Oscar. In December 2018, the Academy Awards chose Kevin Hart as its next host. As an experienced host of SNL and MTV VMA, he should have been present at the 91st Oscars ceremony. However, he stepped away as a host later as the public has found out his homophobic tweets from 2010/11 and wanted to boycott Oscars. As a result, the ceremony took place without a host that year – for the first time in three decades.

2020 Oscar host odds: here we go again

This January, the Academy Award announced that it will choose no host for the 92nd ceremony too. This time, the decision to organize an event without a presenter was intentional due to a number of reasons. Mainly, the Oscars ratings not only didn’t fall last year but increased by 12%. Bringing the public’s interest to the Academy back was identified with “a host that succeeded to satisfy everyone” in particular. Abandoning hosts meant not only savings on fees and careful choice of candidates but good ratings too. But does it mean that we won’t see celebrities joking about their colleagues anymore?

Probably. At least for now it seems difficult to find an experienced host without shady past. Surely, the Academy can always invite Anne Hathaway & James Franco duo to entertain the audience, but if it will be as boring as it was in 2011, we’d rather prefer to do without hosts.

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