Bet On the Best Adapted Screenplay at 2020 Academy Awards

  • Martin Scorsese’s film is the sportsbooks' leader for Oscars
  • The 8th adaptation of Little Women is a runner-up
  • Joker can win Best Adapted Screenplay too
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Oscars preparations are in their full flow
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Besides the Best Film category and four acting nominations, there will be another tough competition at 2020 Oscars. Bet on the Best Adapted Screenplay with its five candidates that have almost equal chances to win the prize.

There is no doubt that the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony will be full of intrigues and unpredictable events. Thanks mainly to the Best Adapted Screenplay nomination, next month’s Oscars will be interesting to watch. Thus, there will be 5 brilliant films that can aim for the award with almost equal winning chances. Here is their most possible shortlist (check final nominations today):

  • The Irishman – 1.54
  • Little Women – 4.00
  • Jojo Rabbit – 5.00
  • The Two Popes – 5.00
  • Joker – 6.00

According to these 1xBet Sportsbook predictions, The Irishman leads the best odds to win as the Best Adapted Screenplay. Scorsese’s last film is also one of the favorites among Netflix movies to win an Oscar. However, there are two other pictures with no less exciting plots that can seriously compete with The Irishman. Let’s see what is so special about them.

Joker’s triumph at Oscars can be enforced by winning Best Screenplay

Since Todd Phillips’s Joker has been out, this film is permanently ringing bells with 2020 Oscars. Thanks to Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as well as a fictional and simultaneously realistic plot combined with a great soundtrack, Joker became people’s favorite film of the year. The hype around the film in social media was probably even bigger than Avengers: Endgame got last spring. Halloween parties were filled with cosplayers and the ladder in the Bronx was invaded by tourists after the movie release. Also, Joker surprisingly hit an enormous box-office by reaching $1 billion worldwide with a $55 million budget. All this hysteria around the DC film allowed sportsbook experts to put the picture in shortlists of various Oscars nominations, including Best Adapted Screenplay.

Online gambling sites in the US show that Joker’s chances to win at least one award for the screenplay are high. With 6.00 odds, the film stands along The Irishman to compete for the Golden Man for Todd Philips and Scott Silver. However, there is one more film that can stand on the Clown Prince’s way to his another triumph.

Bet on the Best Adapted Screenplay award to go to Little Women

The eighth on-screen adaptation of the novel Little Women by L.M.Alcott is the main Joker and The Irishman’s competitor. A Greta Gerwig film is a runner-up by the online sportsbooks in the US predictions when it comes to 2020 Oscars. Thanks to a positive critical appraisal (98%) and a relevant topic (women’s place in society), it can get one or two Oscar statuettes. In particular, the award can go to Gerwig due to the modern-time feminists’ movement stating that a wedding is not the only option for women to be valuable. Therefore, you can bet on the Best Adapted Screenplay to go to Little Women. With 4.00 odds, the film has all the chances to take the prize in February.

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