2020 OWL Odds and Stats Favor the Unbeaten Seoul Dynasty

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2020 OWL odds
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The Overwatch League is the biggest international competition of the game in the world. Based on the 2020 OWL odds, this year will be not just exciting but it can also rewrite the international power relations of the Overwatch market. While the well-known teams lead the statistics, the worse competitors are also holding surprises for us. Even more, we can see the emergence of a new legend as Soul Dynasty fights its way to the top.

OWL works just like NFL, it doesn’t mean a single event. It’s more like fascinating virtual Overwatch battles each week between the best players in the world. Thus, you can place your wagers quite often while you can expect countless twists until the final outcome.

While Blizzard’s most products couldn’t stay in the eSports scene, Overwatch is undoubtedly a great success. Mostly in the west, since this Third Person Shooter is also a cross-platform development, which means it can be played both with computers or consoles. The eSports industry and the online sportsbooks in the US are mostly focusing on the games which are also available on PS4.

The 2020 Overwatch League betting odds picture an amazing year for the Esports tournament

Week by week, the 2020 OWL odds are getting higher. However, the difference between the leading teams is tinier and tinier. Over the well-known phenomenons of the world, we can welcome new entrants on the virtual battlefields. Next to the Philadelphia Fusion, New York Excelsior, and Shanghai Dragons we can also welcome the Seoul Dynasty between the potential shoo-ins. Even more, their arrival might bring balance between the Atlantic and Pacific rivalry as they strengthen the Pacific forces.

This will be the 12th week of the Overwatch League, so we are very close to the half of the total 27 weeks. Even if we can see who won’t be in the Finals, according to the online sportsbooks news in the US we can expect plenty of twists in the next month.

Based on the 2020 OWL Odds even the teams from the bottom have significant chances

While the power relations seem clear, there are low odds on every single match. Thus, even the teams who have worse stats then the others can win any match. Even against the leading teams. Boston Uprising (who aren’t too uprising this season) is at the very bottom of the stats list. They have 1 victory and 7 losses. Anyhow the 2020 OWL odds on them are maximum +165 at the Bovada Sportsbook.

In conclusion, for some crews, it will be impossible to make it to the finals. However, they can cause terrible headaches for any possible shoo-in.

Seoul Dynasty just entered the competition but their stats are unbelievable

The team exists since 2017. They represent South Korea in the Overwatch League. The founder of the crew is Kevin Chou who is also a co-owner of Gen.G. They are in the Pacific East Division. Even if they are facing a couple of matches this week, at this moment, they are leading the stats lists as they are still unbeaten. They won 6 maps and have one tie. Anyhow, that’s still just two victories. They will face Shanghai Dragons this weekend that will decide their faith after their outstanding headstart. Shanghai Dragons is the third on the score list with way more matches behind them.

2020 OWL Odds
It seems Seoul Dynasty will have a pretty good year – Image source: Seoul Dynasty via Wikimedia Commons

Altogether, their presence gave some extra juice to the OWL. The charts are led by the Atlantic Conference. Thus, their appearance gave another potential winner to the Pacific.

The Shanghai Dragons vs Seoul Dynasty odds picture the victory of the Dragons

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