2020 Prix d’Amerique Predictions and Betting Tips

  • You can do Ante-post betting for Prix d’Amerique
  • Our experts expect Propulsion holds suprises
2020 Prix d’Amerique predictions
Author: Lars Jakobsson / Kanal 75 [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Next year will be an important year in trotting. The reason is that an emerging stallion will enter the necessary age to qualify for the most professional races. And if nothing goes wrong, we can observe the birth of a new legend. 2020 Prix d’Amerique predictions indicate that Face Time Bourbon is going to win. However, despite the high odds of the other competitors, experts picture an exciting run.

Traditionally the race takes place on the last Sunday of January, at the Hippodrome de Vincennes, in Paris. The first time they organized this harness race was in 1920. It is so difficult to qualify for this competition that only the finest equines can participate in the run. Prix d’Amerique is considered as the most prestigious trotting event in the world. If you would like to learn more about this outstanding happening visit their official website.

2020 Prix d’Amerique predictions picture an extraordinary race

Despite all the stallions have outstanding statistics, 22BET Sportsbook offers long odds on the competitors. As you can see below, Face Time Bourbon is the first on the list with 187/100 and the second is Davidson Du Pont with 74/25. The multipliers at online sportsbooks in France can be different, so take a glimpse at which page offers the highest.

Betting odds at 22BET:
Face Time Bourbon 187/100
Davidson Du Pont 74/25
Looking Superb 7/1
Propulsion 10/1
Bold Eagle 23/2
Belina Josselyn 12/1

2020 Prix d’Amerique predictions point at that we should place a bet as soon as possible. When the event is closer the odds will be shorter but nothing will change the fact that Face Time Bourbon is the absolute shoo-in.

However, if you just want to earn some extra balance, bet on that F.T.B. will be on the podium. Online gambling sites in France offer 7/10 odds on that Face Time Bourbon will be in the top 3.

Probably, you already know from the latest review about 22BET Sportsbook that they always offer Ante-post bets for trotting. Stay tuned to catch the next event before anyone to have the golden touch with these super-high odds.

The odds at 22BET picture a battle between Face Time Bourbon and Propulsion

2020 Prix d'Amerique preditction
Propulsion preparing for a race Author: AMHC94 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
As you can see above, Face Time Bourbon and Davidson du Pont are the only short-odd competitors.

However, in the reflection of the 2019 achievements of Propulsion, he can be another shoo-in. Even so, 2020 Prix d’Amerique predictions based on the betting odds don’t expect his good performance.

Face Time Bourbon is a rising star but Propulsion is a tough horse with outstanding endurance and this is his last year before he gets too old for racing. Therefore, we believe that he will make a twist next January.

If you are not afraid of a bit venture, we advise you to wager on him to be the next winner. However, if you are only interested in safe bets, bet on him to achieve a place on the podium, at 22BET the odds on Propulsion to be in the top 3 are 81/25.

If you are interested in other harness racing tips over the 2020 Prix d’Amerique predictions, check out our latest article about 2020 Elitloppet predictions.

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