Next Pope After Francis I Betting Predictions – Which Cardinal will Make the White Smoke Rise?

  • Cardinal Peter Turkson is favorite as the next Pope with odds of 6.00
  • Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines following with 7.00 odds
  • Marc Ouellet of Canada is again the 3rd favorite with 8.00 odds
Next Pope After Francis I Betting Predictions
Peter Turkson is one of the favorites
Tânia Rêgo/ABr [CC BY 3.0 br], via Wikimedia Commons

Pope Francis I currently occupies the most prestigious and sacred position in the Catholic world. It is a customary tradition to have preferiti to become the next Pope, in the event where the current Pope is unable or unwilling to continue. In the event of Pope Francis I is no longer Pope, the College of Cardinals will gather at the Sistine Chapel and elect the future Supreme Pontiff. Next Pope after Francis I betting predictions include several names.

Upon the death of a Pope, the Cardinal Camerlengo announces his demise and a papal conclave date is announced for the Cardinals to gather in the Vatican. The Cardinals are locked in Sistine Chapel and participate in multiple days of voting. Upon the successful election white smoke rises from the Sistine Chapel chimney; those waiting in the St. Peter’s square may rejoice upon witnessing the wondrous sight.

Next Pope after Francis I betting predictions – Cardinal Peter Turkson as the leading Preferiti

The papacy of Pope Francis shows no imminent signs or indications of ending in the near future. The odds for the next Pope are always up for speculation. Online gambling sites in Italy are favoring Francis’s inner circle cardinals for the next elections. Among them is the name of Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana. Turkson is one of the influential Catholic representatives and is a close advisor to Pope Francis I.

Turkson fits the mold of a potential Pope rather well, aided by his comprehensive set of skills. Peter is a polyglot with impressive credentials as a  bishop and a Vatican official. In addition, Pope Francis has bestowed him further responsibilities that are making a case on behalf of the Cardinal.

File:Cardinal Tukson 987.jpg
Peter Turkson (Haiducul [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
Cardinal Turkson will also be the first black Pope in almost 2000 years. The papacy has never been solely a European institution, no matter how white it may seem nowadays. Consequently, the election of Turkson would be a step forward, geographically and racially. Cardinal Peter Turkson is supporting odds of 6.00 at 1xbet.

Next Pope after Francis I betting predictions – Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle might be the new Supreme Pontiff

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is the second youngest Cardinal in the world and his name is already making rounds in Catholic institutions around the world. Tagle comes from a rather humble background and many have been observing him leading a meek lifestyle in Manila.

Fr Francis Lucas praises Cardinal Tagle and says that he posses the virtues to succeed in the big race. “He’s humble, meek, simple, bright, media-savvy, spiritual,” he said. “He prays a lot… you can’t see any conceitedness in him.”

Online gambling news in Italy concurs to his popularity in Rome. With his odds at a positive 7.00 at 1xbet Cardinal Tagle is has the citizens of the Philippines hoping for the first Asian Pope.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet – The man who was third in line to become Pope

There were high expectations for Cardinal Ouellet to become the Pope in the last papacy elections. Furthermore, his name was in third place in each round of voting. The 2013 election which brought Pope Francis I to the Apostolic Palace, is the same one in which Cardinal Ouellet was being favored by fellow conclave members. Ouellet had significant support, it was mainly due to his expertise in the matter at hand. 

The Election of Pope Francis: An Inside Account of the Conclave That Changed History, author Gerard O’Connell writes “Important, too, was the fact that he knew the Vatican from the inside, having worked first in the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity and since 2010 in the powerful Congregation for Bishops.”

Ouellet’s popularity in 2013 still has not been able to fade, which is the reason for his odds of 8.00 at 1xbet.

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