2020 Spelling Bee Betting Predictions

  • Several champions could hold the title at the same time!
  • 2020 Spelling Bee betting predictions contain some interesting categories
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The Scripps National spelling bee is an annual competition that takes place in the United States. Not only do American nationals participate in the competition, but consistent with other nationalities can join if they are regional spelling-bee winners as well. Since the competition has first started in 1925, it was held 92 times and has seen lone and co-champions be crowned. With the upcoming competition, 2020 Spelling Bee betting predictions on the number and gender of the winners are available.

Awarding Co-Champions the Title

The competition has witnessed several key milestones and unusual endings throughout its history. For example, Dean Colquitt and Diana Reynard were the first joint co-champions in 1950. The organizers crowned both as simultaneous champions after they have successfully completed the list of all the available words. Similar incidents have happened on seven different occasions as several co-champions won the championship title simultaneously with the latest happening in 2019. The 92nd Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in a remarkable manner as eight co-champions won the title together. Although the competition has previously ended while crowning two champions simultaneously, awarding the win for eight co-champions was a first and outright unexpected. With upcoming competition, the 2020 Spelling Bee betting predictions on how this competition will end are available.

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Special Bets – 2020 Spelling Bee Betting Predictions

Online Sportsbook sites in the US on KTO are offering several betting categories options on how the competition will end this year. First, you can bet on the number of winners for this year’s competition. Betting odds that a single person wins are 2.01 while odds that two or more co-champions win are 1.71. Furthermore, for the Boy’s specials category, there are three betting options to choose from. Betting odds that a boy will be a single champion are equal to 3.2. While the odds for a boy to win or multiple boys share champion are 1.85. Finally, the betting odds for a boy is champion or share champion are equal to 1.30. Furthermore, the betting odds and options for the girl’s category are the same as the boy’s category.

Other interesting bets are also available on the website to choose from. For instance, special bets allow you to bet on the appearance of the winners themselves. Betting odds that the last speller will be wearing braces are 2.7 while odds that the last speller will be wearing glasses are 1.50.

You can discover more about KTO Sportsbook here.

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