2020 US Presidential Election Odds Spawn Nightmare Scenario

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2020 US Presidential Election Odds
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So, as Washington turns its glare on AG Barr the 2020 US Presidential Election odds have turned against the administration. This is more due to the ongoing public health crisis and riots on the streets than possible corruption. Strangely, however, online betting sites in the US like Bovada favoring Biden has the liberal media in a tizzy. They foresee a contested election result, endless legal wrangling and some sort of coup. Shame reality won’t be anywhere near that exciting.

The media are guilty of many things. Perhaps their most ridiculous crime, however, is their insistence on attempting to make politics exciting. It isn’t. It’s not a funfair ride, it’s governance. It’s actually quite dull, and so are the people who do it. Unfortunately, the media long since shed the integrity of the fourth estate and now battle for ad revenues. This means despite the rather hum-drum 2020 US Presidential Election odds they’re predicting doomsday this November.

Recent events have shown a crisis gains news broadcasts viewers. That this same media thus predict more crises in our future shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s turkeys voting for veganism. The 2020 US Presidential election odds point to a win by Biden at the moment. Nothing more. There are no hidden messages, you don’t need a deep analysis. It’s right there for anyone availing themselves of US gambling laws to take advantage of. Bovada will take anyone’s bet at a price. 

Media Bet On US Election Drama Without Evidence

So, what is then alarming is that the liberal media see even victory now as a problem. So despite their favorite candidate moving into the lead, they predict dire consequences. The president will not abide by the result, Republican lawyers will contest all the postal votes, and democracy as we know it will promptly cease to exist. That they can read all this into the 2020 US Presidential Election odds in July is quite fascinating. Don’t they always say a week is a long time in politics? 

2020 US Presidential Election Odds
Biden in 2020 January – Image source: Flickr

November is months away. Not that this is the fastest moving campaign ever fought by either side. The circumstances in the nation keep both candidates fixated on very few actual issues. So this means the media have grown bored. Those who regularly bet on sports in the US will be able to compare this with commentators talking about girls in the crowd at games. So, it’s like filler for dull times on the pitch. The media have seen the 2020 US Presidential Election odds, they’re just ignoring them.

US Election Odds 2020

  • Donald Trump – 29/20
  • Joe Biden – 20/33

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So, a comfortable victory for Biden and a simple handover of power isn’t going to have anyone glued to the TV. A possible coup de tat by a group of rogue Republicans and their lawyers? Far more dramatic. They publish piece after piece outlining some horrific dystopian nightmare where the fabric of the US collapses. Where Trump kidnaps and executes Democracy™ whilst enslaving millions. It’s all very dramatic. So, just a shame the 2020 US Presidential Election results don’t back it up, right?

So, comparing the odds on the Republicans and the odds on the Democrats it doesn’t take a genius to see which way this is going. You can bet on Donald Trump winning if you wish, but things are definitely sliding the other way. You can bet on Joe Biden having noticed. That’s why he’s staying quiet. They’re both held hostage by circumstance but only Trump is responsible at present. That’s why his odds at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada is slipping and Biden’s not.

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We take a look at why the 2020 US Presidential Election odds point to a simple Democratic win but the Liberal Media™ are predicting a nightmare anyway.

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