2021 F1 World Champion Odds: The Main Thing About the Return


Posted: October 13, 2020

Updated: October 13, 2020

  •  Alonso has been building up to his return to F1
  •  Alonso has had meetings with team management and visited the team factory to familiarize himself with the processes.
  •  Fernando Alonso is back for the love of driving

2021 F1 World Champion odds are ready for you to check and get your share. A possible calendar for the next Formula 1 season has been revealed. According to the online sportsbook news in Australia, it is expected that the start of the season will take place in Bahrain, and not in Australia. However, Australian authorities are not ready to guarantee the presence of spectators in the stands in March 2021. Preseason tests of the next season will also take place at the Sakhir circuit.

2021 F1 World Champion odds: Mclaren showed Fernando Alonso’s car for Indy 500

As we already know, the Renault Formula 1 team has announced the return of Fernando Alonso to the racing series. The 38-year-old will resume racing in 2021 and replace Daniel Riccardo. So, just check 2021 F1 World Champion odds and make your bet. So, the racer worked with Renault first for the role of a reservist, and in 2003 for a combat pilot’s contract. In the third season in the French team, Alonso managed to win the champion title – he won seven races and became the youngest champion in the history of Formula 1. A year later, the Spaniard repeated success.

In 2010, Alonso’s career took another sharp turn: the driver signed a contract with Ferrari, replacing Raikkonen there. In the Italian team, the pilot spent five seasons but failed to win the title. After leaving Ferrari, Alonso decided to return to McLaren, where he hoped to break into the lead through a partnership with engine manufacturer Honda. So, you are free to check 1xBET Sportsbook to find odds.

These are pretty much the best betting odds for World Car of the Year 2020 I have found around the net:

1.      To Be Higher Fernando Alonso (Renault)/Esteban Ocon (Renault) W1 1.704
2.      To Be Higher Fernando Alonso (Renault)/Esteban Ocon (Renault) W2 1.995

What led to the end of a career?

So, 2021 F1 World Champion odds are ready to check. Believe me, this is the best odds, which you can use today. As we can find on online gambling news in Australia, Alonso’s four years at McLaren were perhaps the most difficult for him. Constant problems with the reliability of Honda engines and the lack of speed of the car annoyed Alonso, which resulted in sarcastic radio communications with engineers and criticism of the team in interviews after the races. Also, in the middle of the 2018 season, Alonso realized that he doesn’t want to play the role of the middle peasant, and announced his retirement in F1.

2021 F1 World Champion
Let’s race!

How Renault managed to persuade Alonso to return: check 2021 F1 World Champion odds

However, among the factors that influenced the return to Formula 1, two main ones can be distinguished. With the first, everything is simple – the champion was offered a good contract. Moreover, the exact amount of his salary at Renault has not been disclosed. But the paddock suggests that the Spaniard will earn at least € 15 million in 2021. However, not bad for a veteran who will turn 39 in three weeks.  Also, another motivation for a return to Renault could have been the upcoming change in the technical regulations of Formula 1 in 2022.

Probably, the team’s management promised the rider that with the new rules. After the introduction of budget restrictions, his car will be able to compete for podiums or even victories. However, in this case, the term of the contract remains unclear. Hurry up to check 2021 F1 World Champion odds and get your share. So far only cooperation in the 2021 season has been officially announced. Online sportsbook sites in Australia mention Alonso for the first place with the odds of 1.7.

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