2021 Serie A Special Bets – Interesting Options!

  • There could be a new Serie A champion
  • The battle for the top 4 is still unclear
  • Relegation zone betting options
  • Ronaldo leading the top scorer race
2021 Serie A Special Bets

The 2021 Serie A special bets reveal some interesting odds that you can bet on. This is your chance to bet on more than one category and capitalize on your winnings! The options to bet on include the league champion, top 4 teams, relegated teams, and top scorer. Make your predictions and win! 

2021 Serie A Champion

The Italian league is one of the best competitions in Europe. Although the title has been mostly dominated by Juventus in recent years, many top-tier teams such as Milan and Inter compete for it. For the past years, Juve was always the heavy favorite to dominate and win the league. However, the 2021 season might be telling a different story. At the beginning of the season, all indications were pointing at Juventus going for their 10th title, but Inter is now becoming the favorite. Online sportsbook sites in Italy have put the Nerazzurri ahead of everyone in their 2021 Serie A special bets. For instance, at 22BET Sportsbook, betting odds for Inter to win the title are 1.15 in comparison to Juventus’s 7.50. Do you think we will witness new champions this season?

2021 Serie A Special Bets for Top 4

In addition to betting on the winner of the 2021 Serie A season, 22BET Sportsbook allows you to bet on the top 4 in their 2021 Serie A special bets. This is your chance to earn more money. Currently, the top four in the league table are Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, and Roma. However, it is not so clear who will finish in the top 4 by the end of the season. This is because teams from 5th place to 7th place could very well break into the top 4  as the season progresses. For instance, Atlanta is currently sitting in 5th place 49 points which is 1 point behind Roma. The betting odds for them to achieve the top four are 1.50. Go to the website and bet on who you think will finish in the top 4!

2021 Serie A Special Bets
AC Milan – Maarten Van Damme, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bet on the Relegation Zone

Each season, it is always interesting to see if the newly promoted teams will be able to compete in Serie A. By the end of last season, Benevento, Crotone, and Spezia Calcio were all promoted to Serie A. Unfortunately, Crotone is the only new team that is in serious danger of relegation. In fact, they are favorites to get relegated at 22BET Sportsbook Serie A special bets with odds equal to 1.01. Also, you can increase your earnings by betting on Parma and Torino which have betting odds of 1.15 and 2.50. If you don’t agree with those odds, bet on who you think will drop from Serie A.

2021 Serie A Special Bets for the Top Scorer

Since joining Juventus in 2018, fans and analysts expected Ronaldo to dominate the top scorer competition in Serie A. However, the Portuguese finished in 4th place in 2018 with 21 goals and second in the year after. New top talents such as Ciro Immobile and Lukaku are rising to the occasion. Regardless of this, bookies at 22BET Sportsbook believe that Ronaldo is still the favorite to be the top scorer since he is leading the race with 20 goals. The betting odds for him to win the race by the end of the season are 1.75. However, he is facing tough competition from Lukaku who opens up with odds of 2.00. Which of those two do you think will win the race?

You can discover more about 22Bet Sportsbook here.

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