Where to Play Heads or Tails for Money?

  • Heads or Tails is an exciting and easy game to play
  • Where can you play it online for real cash in 2021?
play Heads or Tails for money

Heads or Tails is a funny and easy-to-play game of chance. Nowadays, it can be played not only with friends but at online casinos too. Check which gambling sites offer their users to play Heads or Tails for money in 2021.

Heads or Tails is one of the easiest games of chance that exist. Although it is usually played offline, now you have an opportunity to win money playing it. Here is your guide to the online Heads or Tails game.

What is Heads or Tails? 

First of all, let’s see what Heads or Tails is. It is a classic and very simple game of chance played both online and offline. All you need to play the game is a coin. One or two players are involved in the game trying to guess which side of the coin it will land on.

Usually, Heads or Tails is “played” to settle someone’s dispute. Also, the game sometimes serves as an alternative to dice if there is a need to decide about the players’ first move. So, how to play Heads or Tails at online gambling sites in Spain or at home parties? Let’s check the rules.

play Heads or Tails for money
Flip it!


Playing Heads or Tails is very easy. As we have already mentioned, you need a coin to play it. It can be either a real coin or a virtual one if you play the game at one of the gambling sites.

Before the game starts, a player (or players) has to choose one side of it. They bet either on the coin’s tails or heads. Then, the coin is flipped to land on one of its sides. If it lands on tails, people who bet on it win. If the coin lands on heads, the winnings go to people who bet on this side.

While playing Heads or Tails at online casinos in Spain, gamblers should follow the same rules. The only exception is that the coin is virtual. Once you place a stake ($0.30-$300), a computer will flip the coin automatically and you will see the outcome. If you have guessed the side, you win.

Where to play Heads or Tails for money?

As you can see, playing Heads or Tails is simple as ABC. To try your luck in this 50/50 game and play it for real cash, you should know where to find the game. Which online casinos offer Heads or Tails for their users?

22Bet Casino is the first choice when it comes to playing Heads or Tails. This popular gambling site offers many simple games to bring you easy money and the coin-flipping game is not an exception. You can find Heads or Tails in the 22Games section and play it anytime. Also, there are rules and jackpot information – they will guide you if you forget how to play.

1xBet is another online casino where you can play Heads or Tails for money. Like 22Bet, it offers the game along with a detailed guide and 24/7 access. Both sites have the game developed by Evoplay Entertainment, so your winning chances are the same regardless of the casino you choose.

You can discover more about 22Bet Casino here.

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