2022 Brazilian Election Odds – Check out the Frontrunners!

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2022 Brazilian Election Odds

Did you already have enough of betting on gala events in 2021? Are you tired of betting on sports events? Then, why will not you place some bets on events based on politics? The 2022 Brazilian election odds are here for you to bet on!

In case you are here, reading this article, you are probably familiar with sports betting and online sports betting sites in the US. Then you might also know that you can bet on a broad variety of things. From celebrity breakups to the number of goals scored at a football match, everyone can find something to bet on! Even those, who are not interested in the celebrity or sports business, because for them, here are politics! And in that field, you can find so many things to bet on! One famous bet is on American politics and who the next president will be, but you can also consider other countries. Why not check out the odds and bet on the 2022 Brazilian Election? Keep on reading to find out everything on that matter!

Elections in Brazil

In case you do not live in Brazil, and know nothing – or close to nothing – about the elections there, here is a little 101 for you. It is important to know what we are betting on before we get on the 2022 Brazilian election odds!

So, as to Wikipedia, “General elections are scheduled to be held in Brazil on 2 October 2022 to elect the President, Vice President, and the National Congress. Elections for state Governors and Vice Governors, State Legislative Assemblies, and the Federal District Legislative Chamber will be held at the same time. Under a 2020 ruling by the Superior Electoral Court, political parties must allocate part of their lists and air-time during the election campaign to black candidates. The Superior Electoral Court estimates that Brazil will have 148 million voters for the next election, placing the country as the second-largest democracy in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the largest in the world.” Right now, the incumbent president is independent Jair Bolsonaro. But who will be the next one? Let us see those who are running next year!

Wha are the Candidates in Upcoming Brazilian Election?

In September 2021 six politicians announced their candidacy. However, until 2022 July 5th they accept other candidates according to the Brazilian Constitution. So, let us see the possible presidential candidates! The current president, Jair Bolsonaro is running as independent again.

A previous president (between 2003 and 2010), Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is also in the run. He is the from the Worker’s Party. So is Luiz Henrique Mandetta from the Brazil Union, who served as the Minister of Health between 2019 and 2020. João Doria from the Brazilian Social Democracy Party, who is the Governor of São Paulo also gives it a shot. And so does Ciro Gomes, in the colors of the Democratic Labour Party. He was the Federal Deputy of Ceará between 2007 and 2011. Last, but not least José Luiz Datena is running, also from the Brazil Union. And now, let us see the odds on BetOnline, about the 2022 Brazilian election!

2022 Brazilian Election Odds: Lula da Silva or Jair Bolsonaro?

The bookmakers at BetOnline believe that the candidate with the most chance is Lula da Silva with the odds of -200. Another good choice, if you are thinking about betting on the 2022 Brazilian election, is Jair Bolsonaro. He is the current president, who has the odds of +225. The other is pretty much left behind, and also, most of them have not even announced that they wish to run to be President in 2022. So, we advise you to stick to these two, our you can keep checking out BetOnline’s site, to see what changes, if they announce new candidates!

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