Looking For The 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards Best Original Screenplay Odds?

  • Critics Choice Awards will take place on the 9th of January in 2022
  • "Licorice Pizza", "Belfast", and "Don't Look Up" has the most winning odds at the moment
2022 Critics Choice Awards Best Original Screenplay

The 2022 Critics Choice Awards Best Original Screenplay is a hot topic this year. If you are into movies, and love all the awards shows, you must have heard of the Critics Choice Awards. This award show gives awards for the finest in cinematic achievements since 1996. So, it’s a big event in the movie industry, what more if you follow the awards, you can then predict the outcome of the Oscars too. Why? Because usually, the winners of the Critics Choice Awards will be the winners of the Academy Awards too! So stay tuned and find out the BEst Screenplay odds and then visit 22BET Sportsbook to put on your bets. With the predictions, you will find it easier to find out the probable winner.

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2022 Critics Choice Awards Best Original Screen: Licorice Pizza Is The Frontrunner 

According to  online sportsbook sites in America Thomas Anderson’s “Licorice Pizza” has the most probability to win. Right now it has its winning odds at 1.45, which is quite high. So do you need another reason to bet on the movie? Well, if yes take into consideration that it also has high odds at winning Best Picture at the next Academy Awards. The movie is simply amazing, it’s funny, original, has romance in it and also the acting is outstanding. “Licorice Pizza” is kind of a coming-of-age story. It takes us back to the 70s, and focuses on a teenage love story. 

It’s fun, easy, and full of emotion. Honestly, it’s the kind of movie you just cannot not enjoy. The movie plays in the San Fernando Valley, it’s dreamy and full of possibility. We can see the place through Anderson’s eyes, and he shows it with so much love and devotion. The plot is not much of a complex story but that’s not the whole point. What’s important is the two main characters who are on the verge of adulthood and still enjoy life, and they see life as the possibility of anything. It’s really magical indeed, as we get to see them just playing around. Alana AHim and Cooper Hoffman play the main characters, and this movie might be their big entrance to Hollywood. So why not bet on “Licorice Pizza”? It has high potential. 

“Belfast” Also Has High Winning Odds At Best Original Screenplay

It seems like 2021 was the golden year of coming of age stories as the next movie is also in that category. “Belfast” is similar to “Licorice Pizza” in that aspect but it’s completely different in other ways, to be honest. The director is Kenneth Branagh, who has high winning odds at the next Oscar Awards in the Best Director category. Just like Anderson he also takes us back to his childhood, and his beloved town, but he focuses more on the importance of family. The title is a big giveaway as the movie is set in Belfast in the 1960s.

As it is set in North-Ireland we don’t only get to see a family story, but also how the nationalists were fighting at that time. All in all the movie is a nostalgic memoir, and the black and white theme gives it an even more nostalgic feeling. What makes it even better is the acting.The casting is simply amazing, with Judi Dench, Ciarán Hinds, Jamie Dornan and Catriona Balfe. Not to mention young Jude Hill, who plays the main character, the kid Buddy. We see the whole movie through the nine-year-old boy which makes it innocent.

Branagh really recalls his young years in this movie and made it very personal. It’s both intimate and ambitious. In many ways, it’s like the movie “Roma”, with the black and white shooting and the intimate story. If you are thinking about betting on the 2022 Critics Choice Awards Best Original Screenplay you should consider this movie. According to 22BET Sportsbook, it has its winning odds at 2.8, which makes it the second most probable winner of the award. 

Can “Don’t Look Up” Win The Best Original Screenplay? 

Next up we have a movie that is not even a bit similar to the other two. “Don’t Look Up” is a kind of sarcastic movie with a hint of comedy. The story focuses on an astronomy grad student, Katie, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and her professor Dr. Randall, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The two of them make an amazing discovery of an asteroid that has the possibility of destroying the Earth.

They try to tell people what is coming but none of them listens. After that they even try to warn the president, played by Meryl Streep, but she also refuses to take a step towards solving the problem. When they realize this asteroid will kill the Earth if no one does a thing against it, they even go live on television, but still, no one listens.

Summing up, the story is a mixture of comedy and sarcastic drama towards our society. What makes the movie great is the casting, with all the big names. We can see DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Cate Blancett, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, and even Kid Cudi. It is funny and depressing at the same time. All in all, it’s one of the big shots of the year and it’s now streaming on Netflix. What1s more according to online sportsbooks in the US it has nice chances to take home the 2022 Critics Choice Award Best Original Screenplay in the next gala. The movie has its winning odds at 11.00. So why wouldn’t you bet on it right now?

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