Beginners Guide on How to Become a Successful Online Poker Grinder

  • Develop a strong work ethic to achieve small but frequent wins
  • Make bets at 8, or even 10 tables at a time
  • Learn more from the likes of Mizrachi and Griffin
online poker grinder

A true online poker grinder is a rare and wonderful breed of a poker player. Should you successfully reach that level of being regarded by the opponents as a grinder, that means you have gained their most respect. So, what does it mean to be a grinder, what type of lifestyle do you need to embrace, and what are the best grinding strategies?

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Becoming an online poker grinder requires determination, discipline, and planning. It is mainly about throwing away great hands without a second thought. Do not be discouraged so quickly, as grinding implies turning your poker games from being fun into serious business.

You may have got the impression already that in order to be a successful online poker grinder you need to develop a strong work ethic. In other words, you need to adopt a game plan aimed at a profit in the long run. How can you achieve that? Let us start with the basics of what it means to be a grinder and its advantages. To practice poker grinding we recommend checking out Bet365 Poker as one of the most reputable poker sites in Nigeria.

An Online Poker Grinder is a Serious Job

The basic rule of poker grinding is to play tight on low risk and with a bankroll limit. The aim is to typically achieve small but frequent wins. It will help you make small but steady profits. Most importantly you need to have a clear goal and grind away until you successfully reach it.

online poker grinder
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Players who treat poker like a job and not a game are called grinders. So, the mentality that you have to adopt is about making a living by playing poker. To do so you have to play often and consistently until reaching whatever monetary goal day in day out. In that sense, the high-risk, high reward mentality should be dropped for good.

Advantages of Playing as an Online Grinder

When grinding you would be able to easily try your luck at multiple tables simultaneously. You can make bets at 8, or even 10 tables at a time. That was obviously impossible to do at physical casinos. However, now with the rise of online casinos, you may have the luxury to join as many tables as you want.

Just make sure that your internet connection and the type of devices you are using allow you to open the number of tables you want. No doubt that technology is the main reason why poker never goes out of fashion. Playing at multiple tables would widen your options without very low risk. Even if you lose it will not be much. You will simply be able to bring in steady amounts of cash and lose very little.

The Lifestyle of an Online Poker Grinder

Poker grinding requires making aggressive moves and combating aggressive opponents in favor of making the safe play. With time you will find yourself able to concentrate at the highest level and digest as much information as needed. It is most likely that you will become a multi-tasking wizard, which is a great gift to obtain in the world of gambling.

online poker grinder
Jonathan Depa: American poker player; Picture Source: Flickr

It is like becoming one of those monks that stand on one leg on a pole all day. Therefore, it requires much practice, regular sleeping patterns, and a healthy diet. Not to mention having the most comfortable chair is highly important to have as much endurance as possible with the ability to play for many hours.

Grinders’ Best Strategies

Although grinding is about making simple maneuvers at a poker table, it is far from easy. It needs an incredible amount of patience and stamina. The reason is that it is extremely difficult to watch other players win big money from one hand. In the meantime, you have to aim for a similar amount over many hands of play.

To do so make sure to pick several tables of the same nature and with the same limits. Why? because you would be able to apply the same strategy at multiple tables. Thus, you can test your moves and mistakes and of course, learn from them. You may also record your every move. So, you can analyze your past mistakes or successes. You may learn more about that from our guide on how to avoid the most common poker mistakes.

How to Motivate Yourself?

Winning small pots and rarely, if ever, exciting for anyone. Some even consider it as a boring style of poker. However, you combine and build on small incentives to stay focused and active when poker grinding. First of all, grinding gives you the opportunity to play as many games as you wish. So, the excitement of different games and opponents will come easily as you hold on to your tight play.

The other thing is that if you aspire to become a pro poker player, grinding has to be on your mind. So, playing and learning, and strengthening your tactics will make you feel like moving forward after every game you finish. To understand really what it feels like being a grinder, you may check out Grinders – Documentary.

Can I Make Money When Poker Grinding?

Yes, of course, but just enough to sustain a comfortable life. It can certainly make you rich but not easily. What is more, you need plenty of hours of practice. Just keep proper bankroll coordinating with the level you play. Other than that, you need to carefully choose a site that is trustworthy. Check out our list of best poker sites in Nigeria, to pick the most suitable one for you. You may also follow in the footsteps of some of the pros. They can be a real source of inspiration and encouragement. Here are some big names worth following:

Mizrachi Nicknamed “The Grinder”

Michael Mizrachi does not restrict himself to low-stakes games, but he is able to embody the grinder spirit with his determination. It paid off when he finished fifth in the Main Event of the 2010 World Series of Poker. He even earned himself the nickname of “The Grinder”.

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He is by far the most recognizable name of the 2010 World Series of Poker. Not only that but he won over $9.6 million in total lifetime tournament cashes. He also won the CarPlayer’s Magazine’s Player of the Year Award in 2006. One exciting piece of information about Mizrachi: the longest he has played is 75 hours on $6 and $12 dollar limit hold’em games.

Griffin is a Very Precise Player

Gavin Griffin is one of the great names that transformed from a spontaneous player into a very precise and detrimental player. By doing so, he became famous for his World Series wins. He also captured the European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour titles. If you are searching for the best site to offer you great poker games where you can practice your grinding skills, have a look at our review about Bet365 Poker.

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