Betting on Magic the Gathering – An Elaborate Guide

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Betting on Magic the Gathering

If you grew up in the US, then you might remember the colorful cards and wonderful artwork that comes with Magic the Gathering. Many people were collecting and trading these cards, and many were participating in smaller or bigger tournaments. In the last few years, Wizards of The Coast began to advertise Magic The Gathering: Arena. Online sportsbook sites in the US quickly caught up with the popularity of their world championships. With the end of the year comes the beginning of a new championship soon. We will explain everything before the season begins. Let’s learn more about Betting on Magic the Gathering.

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Magic the Gathering: Arena – World Championship

Everyone knows the famous card game, called Magic the Gathering. But the slowly yet steadily increasing popularity of MTGA is still combatting the fame of other card-based esports. Even though Dungeons & Dragons play a Critical Role in the collection of games for Wizards of the Coast, Dicebreaker reported that the cast of Geek & Sundry, cast of the most famous Twitch and Youtube live-show, did not appear in the D&D expansion of Magic the Gathering: Arena. But they did sponsor them. In the Critical Role sponsored episode, the famous Dungeon Master, Matt Mercer played a few games. This increased the popularity of the new virtual card game of Magic the Gathering: Arena. Their advertisement gathered enough fan base, which will allow Wizards of the Coast to host yet another World Championship.

MTGA Betting Categories

There are many betting categories tied to this famous game. Different sportsbooks are coming with different betting types. The basics are still present. The most popular category is outright. In which you can bet on the outright winners of the matches. Or you can decide who will win the tournament. You can also place bets on whether certain players are going to get further in the competition.

With the technological advancements made in sports betting. We can see more and more companies making contracts to expand betting opportunities. Wizards of the Coast is no different. The Verge reports that integrated betting applications are growing more and more solid. With this, we can expect the Wizards of the Coast, and even Critical Role to expand more upon betting opportunities.

Alternative Betting Categories

There are countless possibilities for MTGA to come with betting. The World Championship might integrate some of them. While these categories are not confirmed to be present in the world of betting. It is good to study the odds, in case they appear. The highest demand is for land stakes. You might be able to put bets on how much land (under/above) is going to be placed on the battlefield before the end of a match. You might also place bets on certain meta cards appearing in the game or not. And whether certain colors will win the tournament for a player or not. We also have other articles written about betting on Magic the Gathering.

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The Upcoming Tournaments

The upcoming tournaments each year are hosted under a spawn of a week. The participants of the world championship are decided by the results of the brackets of these smaller tournaments. Excluding the already invited world champion. There are also three additional players invited, who are the best three players on the bracket of pro-league. You could participate, as reaching the top of the player brackets is not hard at all. All you have to do is to reach Mythic rank and climb up to the top 3. These are the events to look out for when betting on Magic the Gathering:

  • Innistrad Championship (Finished)
  • Neon Dynasty Championship (Upcoming Set)
  • New Capenna Championship (Upcoming Set)
  • Store Championship (Offline)
  • World Championship

(According to Magic. gg)

Which Decks Are Dominant At The Moment?

If you are already familiar with Magic the Gathering, then you might understand the importance of colors in this game. Aggressive decks are dominating the meta at the moment.

Pro players are favoring two colors in the current set, Innistrad. According to MTGGoldfish, these two colors are Mono-Green and Mono White. If you recognize these decks being played by any other color (and not against each other). Then you should quickly place your bets on the mono-green / mono white winning. Because it is pretty much free money for you. If you are new to this game. Do not worry. All you have to do is to recognize these decks when watching the tournament stream.

Where Can You Bet on Magic the Gathering?

For many different regions, many different sportsbooks are opening bets. While visiting these sites, they might not be available all the time. But categories will appear with the tournament announcement. You can click Bovada Sportsbook, enjoy various sport betting anywhere in the world and be aware of the betting odds and predictions for the next championship.

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