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Posted: June 28, 2022

Updated: June 28, 2022

  • Fedez, Dargen d’amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi
  • Which judge is going to win?
  • 2022 Italian X Factor Betting

The famous worldwide music competition of Simon Cowell is returning to Italy in 2022. However, there is a new format at the table. Because according to Variety, the show has decided to make the biggest step in television history. Therefore, X-Factor is going to continue as a gender-neutral show. This means that the contestants are not going to be mentored by a person of the same gender or age group.

Therefore, the judges are going to join the competition by selecting the people they wish to mentor. This means that everyone has equal chances, and they are not going to be labeled by their appearance. Furthermore, this is allowing one of the best early bettings at the online sportsbook sites in Italy. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 2022 Italian X Factor betting about which judge is going to win.

2022 Italian X Factor Betting

The 2022 Italian X Factor betting is not about which contestant is going to win. However, you may expect such betting markets to come up once the show begins. However, for now, the only available information we have is the list of the judges. And since the show became gender-neutral, featuring competition between the judges. There is a whole new possibility of early betting rising on the surface of the web.

The judges are going to pick their favorite contestants, and they are going to mentor them. Therefore, as the competition concludes, each judge will remain with one contestant. However, only one contestant will be able to win the X-Factor. And you are to guess which judge is going to mentor the winning contestant, despite who they will be. Similar to the way you were able to Bet on X Factor Italy 2021.


Fedez is an Italian rapper, and probably one of the most valuable members of the 2022 Italian X Factor betting. No wonder why he has the greatest odds of winning. Therefore, we are starting this article by stating our prediction. Because Fedez is most likely going to be the mentor to win the Judge competition.

According to Sportskeeda, he has been going through struggles lately, but his fans were supportive of him. Fedez has been a judge on X factor before, losing the competition. However, he managed to work together with icons such as Mika. Furthermore, he is one of the biggest stars in Italy. Therefore, he has 50+ platinum releases. Additionally, he is an active supporter of the LGBTQ+ human rights movement. This year will mention human rights due to the events going on in the world. Therefore, everything added up together, and Fedez is ready.

Dargen D’Amico

Dargen D’Amico is no doubt to be a fair contestant on the 2022 Italian X factor betting. Even though Fedez is more of an icon and connector of humans. Dargen D’Amico has a wide range of experience in the fields of music. He is one of the mentors who creates famous and popular club music out of the four. Therefore, he will realize someone with high potential to be sold. Dargen D’Amico and Fedez are great friends, and they might have each other’s influence rubbing off on each other. Therefore, Dargen D’Amico is a perfect match for the slightly younger judges. Furthermore, he might be a personality who knows how to mentor a person perfectly.

Ambra Angiolini

Ambra Angiolini is an actress who is the black sheep among the judges. Because she is not a musician, however, she has the talent. Therefore, Ambra has great potential in noticing a rockstar when she sees one. Because being a musical performer is much more than just having a good voice, message and attitude. It requires style and performance ability.

However, according to GossipeTV, there is an active drama going on between the three other judges and Ambra. Because the other judges were acting leisurely, they poked at Angolini’s reserved style. However, we all know that this is more than likely a media catch to promote the show. Therefore, the 2022 Italian X factor betting comes with a healthy amount of spice. Making the show business more interesting. However, she will be a mentor, therefore if she picks a musically perfect contestant, she might win.


Rkomi is one of the biggest stars among the judges. He is a youthful rapper who is one of the most popular music artists in Italy right now. Therefore, the 2022 Italian X factor betting might favor him due to the Spotify listeners topping the other artists. Rkomi has a perfect and youthful style which he could give to the contestant he picks. However, he lacks the show experience compared to Fedez.

Therefore, if we have to pick between the two, then people would assume it’s Fedez who will mentor the best. However, Rkomi has always had a taste for current trends. Therefore, if he sees a contestant with the potential to be the new star of Italy. Then he will grab the chance.

The 2022 Italian X Factor Betting Odds

Now that you know the personalities of the four judges you will bet on. Let’s check out the odds. Italy has been one of the potential Cities To Host Eurovision. Therefore, the country has a great potential for musical shows. Because in the last 2022 Italian X factor betting odds, you were able to bet on judges such as Mika. Therefore, this show always strives to invite talented and iconic musicians to mentor and judge the contestants. The odds are the following:

X Factor 2022 – Winning Judge: 

  • Fedez –3.00
  • Dargen D’Amico 3.50
  • Ambra Angiolini 4.00
  • Rkomi 4.25

Where To Bet on The 2022 Italian X Factor Betting Odds

As a conclusion to the 2022 Italian X factor betting market. We can safely assume that Fedez has the highest chance of winning. Because he is one of the most experienced in the show among the Judges. Furthermore, he represents values that are relevant to the current world. However, we shouldn’t bury D’Amico or Angiolini either. If you are interested in wagering on this market. Then you should register at Bet365 Sportsbook and search for the keyword “X-Factor.” The odds represented in this article are only available on their website. Furthermore, check out our article about Music Played In Casinos to hype yourself up for the upcoming X Factor Italy 2022.

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