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How To Bet On Bull Riding

Is there a more famous element to the Wild West than the world of rodeos? This is arguable, of course, but the fact is that these events, based on show elements, reflect the virtue of the 19th-century American countryside. However, what exactly is a rodeo, what is its role in today’s American society and how to bet on bull riding?

What is Bull Riding?

On the one hand, the rodeo is a traditional sport with which the participants and the audience recall the hard-working everyday life of one of the most iconic workers in the Wild West, the cowboys. On the other, it is a kind of sport that dazzles the crowd of spectators. In terms of its foundation, the world of rodeos is rooted in cattle-keeping activities in Spain, Mexico, and then North America.

Each task is to show the skill of the vaqueros, later cowboys and cowgirls, with the help of horses and other cattle like bulls, calves, and goats. Professional rodeos usually consist of the following races: barrel racing, tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, and bull riding. Several of these are traditional activities on ranches, but we also find newly invented races that do not resemble the usual jobs.

How To Bet On Bull Riding
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Did you know that the word rodeo has a Spanish origin? It means surrounding and diversion, referring to a cattle roundup. People first used the term around 1834 to herd cattle, but now they use it primarily to describe shows and competitions. The first rodeos in the 1820s offered cowboys a chance to show and compare their skills, though not in an official setting. It was also an occasion to bet on bull riding! The first competitive event was in 1872 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

How did it All Begin?

Between 1890 and 1910, rodeos became popular pastime activities and became part of Wild West shows, featuring celebrities such as Buffalo Bill Cody or Annie Oakley. By 1910, several rodeos that later became famous in North America were founded, such as the Calgary Stampede, the Pendleton Round-Up, the Cheyenne Frontier Days, and the first rodeo organizations began to form in 1929. It was also the period when people learned how to bet on bull riding well and make extra money.

As time went by, the thought of the masculine work of cowboys became more and more romantic, and with the help of the media, it won the audience in the 1970s. Did you know that by 1985, half of the members of the official rodeo federation were riders who had never worked on a cattle ranch in their lifetime? As for the role of women, anyone who thinks they can only participate in the Rodeo Queen event is wrong.

From the beginning, women have played a major role in the rodeos, with Prairie Rose Henderson making her debut on the Cheyenne rodeo in 1901, for example. However, in 1929, Bonnie McCarrol was killed at the Pendleton Round-Up, and Marie Gibson died in a horse accident in 1933. These events have significantly pushed back the participation of women in the more dangerous rodeo competitions. 

How to Bet on Bull Riding?

Today, many rodeos have become television shows in huge, air-conditioned arenas, like PBR events. Its popularity is clear by the fact it is the official state sport of Wyoming and Texas and the official symbol of the state of Wyoming. The season’s main sensations traditionally focus on the weekend of July 4th, and several famous races are around Las Vegas around December. You can find more information and odds at 22BET Sportsbook on how to bet on bull riding and when it is the most profitable!

The most popular and dangerous rodeo type has the simplest rules: stay seated on the bull with only one hand clinging to the bull rope and don’t fall to the ground before the 8-second gong sounds. Would it really be that simple? There are two crucial things to remember before entering the arena or betting on bull riding! First, there is no trick or secret way how to sit on a bull successfully, and second, it is often more difficult to land safely than stay on the animal.

Riding a Bull is Serious Business

Keep the following infos in mind because they are the factors you should consider when you bet on bull riding. The eight seconds of the bull rodeo is the most dangerous period in any professional sport. How can an 80-100kg racer climb on the back of a bull up to ten times heavier than them, sometimes armed with horns? The brave rider begins the stunt by spreading a rope, previously prepared under the bull’s belly, just behind his front legs so they can grip the bull rope as close to the back of the animal as possible.

Sitting on the bull, the rider holds one of their hands high, clings to the bull rope with the other, and presses the bull’s side with their legs. After that, they pray that the 8-second horn will sound soon, indicating a successful race, and they can finally bounce from the back of the beast. Another rope is on the bull in front of its hind legs, encouraging the animal to keep jumping around after the competitor has landed on the ground. 

Some bulls have a bad habit of turning their raging attention to the defenseless rider on the ground. To prevent that, the self-sacrificing, so-called, Bull-fighters are there to protect the competitor. They are the ones who, even at the risk of their own physical integrity, try to keep dancing, pushing the bull away from the competitor or, if he is immobile, pull the animal as far away as possible. Many people can’t even imagine how much courage it takes to be a rodeo clown. Check out the most famous ones at online sportsbook sites in the US!

General Rules of Rodeos

The competitors must take care of some things to get good results and as many points as possible from the judges. We collected the most important rules the contestants have to pay attention to other than the 8-second time limit. There is a bell on the bull rope, which must stay there. Also, there must be no obstacles, like knots, on the bull rope that would prevent it from falling off the bull. If the enormous animal does not perform as expected or stops, the judges or the riders may request a new start. 

It is not possible to have a new start due to an equipment error. Borrowing equipment is not permitted. They have to enter the arena in suitable clothing, which means cowboy jeans and a traditionally patterned shirt. They must wear a protective vest, a particular spur, leather gloves designed to hold the Bullrope, western leather boots, and leg protector gear over the ankles, the so-called Chaps. An even more essential tool is the traditional western hat which has recently started to be replaced by a safety helmet with a face grille.

 There is also a unique belt buckle as an accessory to the clothing, which usually portrays some characteristic western image, but even a slogan can adorn it. It often happens that in a race, the most successful or spectacular competitor receives a belt buckle as a special prize, which they then proudly wear in the arena. If the Wild West captured your attention, check out our article about gambling in the old west!

How to Bet on Bull Riding

Landing before 8 seconds means failure, so always check the previous results and statistics before placing a bet on bull riding. Their free hand, which does not hold the bull rope, must be high at all times and cannot touch the bull with it, or as a matter of fact, with any part of their body other than their legs. They can’t even touch themselves with their free hand. So as you can see, even as a bettor, you have to pay attention to a lot of stuff before going to 22BET Sportsbook!

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The list is still not over Folks! We have to add more things to how to bet on bulls. For instance, if the judges find the spur too sharp, they can disqualify the rider, so always check their career. The same happens if a competitor presses the spur or Chaps under the bull rope. The professional competitors can’t act offensive or use obscene words because it’s not worthy of an athlete. 

PBR is the most famous bull riding league, so you will be able to find competitions and live streams on the Internet. The all-time favorite is predicting the ultimate winner or how many seconds a rider will last on the bull. If possible, follow the riders on social media sites to get inside information. Also, statistics are your friends! Don’t start betting based on instinct or because you singled out the best-looking bull! You will find everything you need at online sportsbook sites in the US!

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