24+8 Roulette System Explained – Pros and Cons of Using It


Posted: October 13, 2023

Updated: October 13, 2023

  • Roulette is a game of chance, but there are ways to boost your odds
  • The 24+8 system is one of the best strategies that minimizes your losses
  • How to apply the 24+8 rule in real casinos and at online gaming sites?

Roulette is a game of chance, however, no one said that you can’t boost your odds of winning it. There are multiple strategies helping you to beat the wheel and the 24+8 system is one of them. Designed to give you an advantage over the house, the strategy has its pros and cons. Here you have a 24+8 roulette system explained, so you can learn more about it to know whether it fits your play style. 

24+8 Roulette System Explained: What is it?

The 24+8 is considered some of the advanced roulette betting strategies as it gives you nearly 90% of saving money on each bet. It’s a highly beneficial strategy for low-stake players who play roulette on a regular basis. In order to understand how it works, it’s important to first grasp the basic concepts of the strategy.

The strategy requires gamblers to place several bets in the same round, which means choosing multiple outcomes of the same spin. As its name suggests, you should cover 24 numbers and use 8 more differently to make it work. The goal is to cover a large part of the table layout with your chips, reducing the risk of losing in every round.

It is better to use 24+8 in European roulette, as it has only one zero. However, it can also work in the American variant, just with slightly higher odds of winning.

Step-by-step Use of 24+8 Roulette System Explained

Would you like to try to win with 24+8? Whether you play in land-based casinos or at online gambling sites in the US, the strategy can turn the odds in your favor, so let’s see what you should do to make it work. To effectively use the 24+8 system in your game, follow these steps:

24+8 roulette system explained
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  1. Choose your 24 numbers to bet on. We recommend you to stick to the first two dozens and the first two columns on the layout.
  2. Select 8 additional numbers. Next, decide on the eight numbers that weren’t covered before. That will be your backup if none of the twenty-four bets wins. 
  3. Place your bets. Once you have chosen your 24+8 numbers, proceed to wagers. We recommend using $1 or $10 chips before you get used to the system, as they are easier to count.
  4. Follow the results. Let the dealer do his job and wait for the roulette ball to find its pocket. If it falls on any of your 24 numbers, you’ll receive a payout. Similarly, if the wheel stops within your 8 numbers, you’ll also receive your bet back.
  5. Average payouts on hitting a single number are 35:1, meaning you can hit any number and it will be a win-win. It’s up to you to distribute your chips over those 32 numbers, but there’ll be some profit for sure. 

Now you have the basics of the 24+8 roulette system explained, so you can try it at Everygame Casino!

Reason to Try the 24+8 Betting System Right Now

The 24+8 system can significantly contribute to your success and offer many benefits for those using it. If you decide to try your luck and give this one a try, you will definitely notice the following advantages:

24+8 roulette system explained
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  • Increased chance of picking the right number. The idea of the 24+8 strategy lies in covering the majority of numbers on the table, which is around 80%. There are only 5 numbers left uncovered, so basically your goal is NOT to hit these numbers, which is highly unlikely. 
  • Flexibility. You are free to choose any numbers you want, just stick to the first two dozens and the first two columns for the first 24 numbers. 
  • Small bets. This roulette strategy allows you to win even with the smallest wagers, as payouts for straight-up bets are 35:1 in European roulette. 

Some Cons of Using 24+8 in Your Game

While 24+8 has many pros, it’s important to be aware of its limitations and potential disadvantages. As all players have different playing styles, this strategy may be not good for you because it provides:

  • Complexity of the game. Following the 24+8 rule is not easy. It requires attention and calculation, so if you’re new to roulette or aim to have fun at online casinos in the US, it would be better to skip this system.
  • No guaranteed wins. Like any other roulette strategy, 24+8 can’t make you win all the time. Roulette remains a game of chance, and since you don’t cover 100% of the table, you still have a chance to lose.

If the 24+8 system doesn’t work for you for other reasons, you may try the 666 roulette strategy in roulette games. 

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