33 Fired from Netherlands Fairly Legal State Monopoly Holland Casino

Dutch gambling laws require all fairly legal gambling in Netherlands to be under Holland Casino, but in Leeuwarden, the monopoly is dissolving.

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Dutch gambling laws require that all fairly legal gambling in the Netherlands is performed under the auspices of Holland Casino, but in Leeuwarden, the state monopoly is falling apart. It has been well known for some time that the global economic crisis Impacted Holland Casino, causing the gambling firm to previously dismiss 20% of their staff.

Leewarden has been the most horribly performing casino in the Holland Casino monopoly, receiving only about 157,000 visitors in 2009. The previous job cuts, however, it has been decided were insufficient and now 33 of the remaining 80 positions are being terminated. Both a lack of players and low spending by those who came to visit the casino were cited as causative factors in the layoffs which were announced Wednesday morning.

Some of the staff may be offered positions at other branches of Holland Casino in Groningen and Enschede, but they will need to commute a significant distance. A spokesman for Tesse CNV Court Professionals queried “But the question is of course whether people want to travel to work.”

To enable the reduction of manpower and advance operating cost cutbacks, the casino will further decrease hours of operation, making it more difficult for the Dutch land-based monopoly to compete against online casinos in the Netherlands which operate 24 hours per day.

The Dutch government has attempted to stifle competition against Holland Casino by withholding the licenses for online gambling sites in the Netherlands in the name of controlling gambling addiction. However, the Dutch Labor Party is unhappy with a Holland Casino marketing campaign because it belied the purpose of the monopoly with a proactive attempt to inspire new players. Meanwhile, the European Court of Justice continues to complain against the Dutch gambling monopoly’s failure to comply with European Union Regulations.

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